We manage a diverse system of online professional development, including a variety of output types, as well as a variety of sources creating the content. The Online Council oversees the work of the statewide team, who offers the following levels of support:

  • Support - Basic answering of technical questions and troubleshooting for your own development
  • Consult - Helping guide the vision for your process with questions and scaffolding for understanding
  • Design - Lay out (or help lay out) the outcomes, topics, resources, and assessments to be used in the course (or in other words, to create the syllabus)
  • Develop - Actually building (or helping build) the course materials, including in Moodle and other objects (video, SoftChalk)
  • Deliver - Carrying out the professional development. Note, this would be for online courses, communities, or webinars, where you would not be supplying the instructor, and instead would require AEA PD Online to recruit and train the instructor.

Because we have limited resources, we have to prioritize not only the products we choose, but also the depth of service that we offer. To help with common understanding, here are the different levels of an initiative, including who is directing the work, and the level of service offered by AEA PD Online for the work

(Directed) By
Director Role
AEA PD Online Level of Service

Key Verb
The Online Council

• Determined Priority by Online Council

• Buy-In/Oversight From All: Chiefs, Directors, DE
• Design
• Develop
• Deliver

(Only 1 will exist in the state, constantly updated/maintained by AEA PD Online)
• iEvaluate
Major Initiative
Statewide Director Group (e.g. Chief Administrators, SPED, Instr. Service, HR Directors, or Media)

• Direction from Individual Director Group, Provision of Time/Stipend for Involvement
• Consult
• Possible Design/Develop if reimbursed

• Google
Minor Initiative
Collaborative Development with Consultants
• Direction from Individual Lead Team, Buy-In from Directors
• Support
• Possible Consult if time
Aware of/Encourage
Individually Developed or External Content
• Approved by AEAPDOnline License Renewal Coordinator
• General Awareness of Directors, Online Council
• Support
• Spanish for Educators