Expected Outcome
Review of agenda

Common understanding, Identification of additional items
In attendance were Rhonda Sheeley (1), Brian Unruh (267), Sara McInerny (267), Sandy Spangler (8), Sherry Sines (10), Sharon Kurns (11), Evan Abbey (11), Judy Griffin (13), Kathy Lockard (14), Barb Chambers (NWAEA), Katie Gavin (GPAEA), Bob Steingreaber (GPAEA), Arlie Willems (DE), Sue Swartz (DE), Gwen Nagel (DE), Vic Jaras (DE), Arlan Thorson (ILO)

ICC module - go ahead and work with DE to create Foundations of ICC Module. Rough draft about complete - will share with networking team. Will try to reconvene sometime with work team the week of Feb 8. Try to get training out in next month or so. The link to the training is at
Examine RFPs to Host Statewide Online System, Update on Statewide Position Search
Inform, Discuss, Next Steps (or recommendation)
Brian, Sharon

Brian reported that 3 AEAs submitted RFPs. AEA 9, 10, and 11. The specs for each AEAs server are attached above.

There was discussion about some of the criteria listed on the form. For example, several AEAs wondered about #6 - social security # being required - Admin Services says collection and use of SS# should not be used as customer ID. Sharon mentioned that SS# used in most cases when wanting college credit. SS# tracked for 1099s. Might want more discussion regarding some of the items. #60 - will AEAs supply on-site tech support to both students and teacher. Document was created for more face-to-face trainings rather than online.

There were some questions about AEA 9's system, a purchased one called CourseWhere. Brian suggested that each bidding AEA do a live demonstration of their system as another data point to the system specs. Rhonda and Sandy suggested that included should be a cost estimate, since there would be annual fees/costs for purchased systems or staffing costs for home-built solutions. The council agreed that at the next meeting, 9, 10 & 11 will give an overview of their system. The rest of the council would then take that information and make a decision. Brian and Sara suggested that the bidding AEAs would not take part in or facilitate that discussion. Rhonda suggested AEAs bringing in any data on satisfaction and reliability that an AEA might have. We will use Adobe Connect Pro to do live demonstration.

Before the next meeting, the council will generate a list of tasks to demonstrate. Council members should email their suggestions to Brian. Brian will collect and create a manageable list to give to the 3 AEAs. Due date is February 5 for the ideas, and February 11 the list should be made available to the 3 AEAs. The demo will be February 25.
Statewide Online System: List of "Operating Principles"
Inform, Discuss, Next Steps
Evan reported that the registration sub-committee developed a list of operating principles to be agreed upon for the statewide system. The thoughts generated by the sub-committee were then reviewed by Rhonda Sheeley and Robert Vittengl.

Sara asked for clarification around personnel costs to run the system. Language needs to be changed to clarify the intent of the system was to be self-sustaining. This means the system should cover the costs of the host AEA, as well as the costs needed to staff the statewide positions. Any money left over would be distributed back to the AEAs on the basis of the AEA unified budget formula.

Rhonda asked for clarification about salary being covered 18 months or 2 years by IEC - unclear which. No one who participated in the subcommittee meeting was sure how long that startup cost would be covered. It was determined the council needed to have the exact dollar amount defined by the chief administrators.

Sherry asked if the moodle and registration should be housed at same AEA. It was the consensus of the group that, for the sake of streamlined operations, they would be housed at the same AEA.

The edits to the document were made and will be shared with the chief administrators.
Common Instructor Training Sequence: Feedback from Teacher Training Institutions
Inform, Discuss, Next Steps
Note: Geri McMahon was unable to attend the meeting. Therefore, licensure discussion will be moved to February's meeting.
Geri will be contacted by Sandy to see if the meeting has been rescheduled.

At the request of the council from December's meeting, Arlie met with Evan and Jean Cross to develop a list of information-seeking questions from Iowa's higher education institutions. The 3 questions she asked them were:
1. Do any candidates take classes online - what percentage
2. Does your institution offer faculty support specific to online teaching
3. Does your teacher prep program provide teacher candidate information specific instruction to online teaching

Arlie reported that she had heard from 20 of 32 responses (including ISU, but not Iowa or UNI). 10 of 20 do take online courses - but mostly in general education. Kaplan University in 100% online.
For #2, 9 of 10 do have institutional support (Instructional design person - support for creating and teaching) or will have in the near future.
For #3 - only 5 said yes. These efforts were pretty minimal, such as doing a little work with blogs and wikis. Generally, online pedagogy is not a focus.

Arlie will resubmit those questions to the institutions not heard from and those results will be sent out via email.

Next steps - Arlie mentioned this topic would be a critical topic for the IACTE spring meeting. This would include Evan representing the council at the meeting to communicate about the council's current goals. A sub-group of the council should meet to brainstorm thoughts on what to share with IACTE. In addition to Evan and Arlie, Sue, Gwen and Judy were interested in working with that group.

Sara asked if there was a sub-committee from the joint directors looking at a similar question. Sandy and Sharon mentioned there had been a subcommittee put together to look at how to help districts prepare for online instruction. Rhonda asked Gwen if ILO was the primary group for that discussion. Gwen mentioned that helping K-12 schools with online instructional pedagogy was one of ILO's aims. The council agreed that the subcommittee did not have much of a common purpose or communication with other groups at this point. It was also agreed that there should be some cross communication between these two groups. Evan asked Rhonda to visit with the members of the joint directors committee to discuss what their purpose was and to share what is currently happening. UPDATE: The group will convene before the next Joint Director's Meeting on February 10.

As far as online instruction for professional development courses, for the Feb meeting, Arlie will have the results of her questions. Also, Evan and Jean will have the crosswalk of suggested courses and how they meet standards. The council will look at that information and continue discussion about the common sequence of courses with the guidance of the BOEE.
Communication Plan Discussion
Report from PR meeting, Discuss, Next Steps
Brian, Andy
Andy met with PR and had not given Brian an update on that meeting. He is also working with graphic artist for the visual. Comm plan is not done yet. Andy should have it complete soon - move this discussion to February. UPDATE: Andy has the communication plan as well as some sample graphic/logos completed.
Florida Virtual School & iTunes
Welcome to Florida on iTunes U! This service will offer one additional way to access the valuable educational content available from Florida's school districts, state agencies, and non-profit organizations. Florida on iTunes U brings together teaching, professional development, and cultural resources for educators and students.
Our content partners include the Florida Department of Education, Florida Memory: State Library and Archives of Florida, the Florida Humanities Council, the School District of Manatee County, Broward County Public Schools, Escambia County School District, Orange County Public Schools, the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, and Florida Virtual School.
Judy shared information about the Florida Virtual School that she found from the FETC conference.

FVS uses iTunes as a repository to host content available for downloading. To see the content, one can open their iTunes application, go to the store, click on iTunes U, then on K-12, and there are several things listed from the Florida DE. Many other states have a presence there, including Arizona, Maine, Mich, Ne, NJ, Penn, Tenn, Utah, VA. Content includes professional development, discussions, and even student projects.

Judy suggested that Iowa have a presence there as well. She would like to spearhead Iowa's presence on itunes. Arlie suggested that ISEA and AEAs work together for itunes content. Rhonda mentioned that this would be a project the joint director subcommittee could work on. Rhonda will visit with the leaders of the subcommittee to put this topic on their agenda. Judy will work with Vic to determine the logistics of the system. UPDATE: Andy will also work with Judy as he has investigated the possibility of Iowa hosting content on iTunes as well.

Vic shared information about ARRA funds. The state application is targeting online learning. This includes both professional development and purchasing content to share. This would help provide equity of instruction across the state, such as giving teachers in rural districts skills that could potentially save their jobs.

Vic mentioned that decisions about what content would be purchased was determined by the media directors. Suggestions that the council would have about online content should be shared with media service directors (Rhonda).
Van Meter Online Pedagogy Project
Evan is working with VanMeter CSD - they are interested in implementing online learning. Want to put more and more of their curriculum online. A semester teacher-less module has been created for them. 15 weeks of time, 3 hours per week. 8 different units in it--1) guiding principles, 2) structuring a course, 3) objectives, 4) assessment, 5) instruction, 6) online tools and resources, 7) facilitation, and 8) conclusion. In addition to online pedagogy, the module gives instruction on how to develop content in Moodle. The work of the course for teachers is 3-fold. Teachers build their own course using the lesson provided in the module. Also, teachers collaborate face-to-face with discussion activities geared for professional learning communities/learning teams. And, teachers collaborate online, sharing ideas. The facilitator for the module is provided by the host district. The module can be used as the basis for professional development courses as well.

The module created is open for other AEAs to use. Schools in Prairie Lakes interested. Anyone interested should visit with Evan.
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?

Items on the February Meeting include:
• Demonstration of AEA 9, 10, 11 registration systems, as well as cost estimates.
• Discussion of online training sequence with BOEE representative
• Communication Plan

Those interested in working with Arlie on the IACTE conversation, please contact her or Evan.