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Common understanding, Identification of additional items (Questions/Actions are listed below in red)

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Current Projects:
Current Projects

1. Governance Council Update
Below is the proposed 2013-14 budget, with adjustments. The budget does not yet include the supplemental contracts for the statewide staff, but does show the budgetary impact down in the notes. While the Chiefs have received the budget, they did not have a chance to visit about it due to weather.

  • Met in December
  • Looked at proposed budget for 2012-13
  • Supported recommendations to provide addendum days for this year and also supplemental days for next year
  • Chiefs did receive budget, but due to weather this meeting was canceled

2. K-12 Online Learning Vision-building
Joe Crozier, Lane Plugge, Brent Siegrist and Evan Abbey met with Jason Glass, Gwen Nagel, Jeff Berger, Phil Wise, and Mike Cormack on Dec 19. While brief, the meeting was a good discussion, and Jason has a better grasp on what needs to happen to move forward.

Jason and Gwen were to begin work on a task force report or "vision document" that would be ready at the end of March. We discussed different stakeholders to be present at future meetings.

Attached is a document that I created from the survey data we have collected in the past. Gwen will be making a revision for the DE's work.
  • Focus is ILO expansion in the future
  • AEA's have created four supports centered around online learning
    • Professional Development
    • Technological supports
    • Visioning with administrators
    • ILO supports
  • We do not offer any direct services around student support
  • Jason is asking for $1.5 million for three consecutive years with a goal to have a funding structure in place at the end of the three years
  • The goal is not to make money, but to survive and grow
  • the REAL (Regional Education Area Lab) is conducting a survey
    • Will not be available until November
  • Next steps
    • Jason has put forward that a visioning document be created prior to the end of March
    • This is not just another committee
    • Five years ago, Judy Jeffryes pulled together a technology group
      • White paper was created
    • Recommendation was scaling up of Iowa Learning Online
    • Recommendation to create a PK20 portal for online pieces and learning
      • IPTV helped to create online courses, but no everyone participated
      • Equella is being used as the bases to support
        • Does Equella house the courses?
          • Equella will store the metadata, it will not store the information
          • Search for English courses
            • You will get a list of results that links you out to other locations
          • It is not the Content Management System (CMS) that stores the metadata
        • The sign on is still to be determined, the authentication system has not been fully worked out
          • For example, if you get into Equella you are signed into the databases
          • There are levels of access
            • Different levels offer different features
        • Are there two different portals?
          • It is to be determined
          • The main focus has been to develop a portal for content distribution
          • Other states have created a landing page with different portals, but this is not something that is currently being developed
      • Getting close to launch to public, as soon as an official name is created
    • This will be a vision for the entire state of Iowa
      • A list of possible participants has been developed to come to the table
      • The plan is to have Susan Patrick or some one from her staff to participate in this meeting
      • A possible meeting date in March
    • Holding pattern on notification to districts
      • Wait until Jason has made the contacts
    • Jason has a better understanding of what the AEA's are doing
    • Talked about the requests of districts are not uniformed, the districts are not looking for what is considered a traditional online course
      • Superintendents are looking for the traditional
      • Principals are looking for more of a blended learning experience
  • How do you assure quality of the content?
    • This has been discussed
    • Not sure about consensus
    • Evan has proposed an internal vetting process
      • Steering committee will come up with a rubric for consistency purposes
      • This may be the most efficient process
      • There was a concern that the DE would be putting the stamp of approval without actually vetting the material
    • End user to add content will not be offered initially
      • Who is vetting this information?
    • You have to have data to support the money that is being spent
      • We can gather data on usage
      • Equella will allow for end user feedback

3. Communication Directors Update
Deborah met with the communication directors and discussed the new webinar series, the blogs, Equella, and the potential mobile app.
  • Talked about newsletter and how it was being used in Agency
  • We are not setting directives on how information is used, we would just like it to be utilized
  • Brainstormed ideas regarding app that Communication Directors have developed
  • Training system and how districts should plan to use the system in the fall
    • Planning for future use
    • Will be revisited in the spring
    • We are putting in new servers
      • One will run content
      • One will run verifications
    • We are optimistic that the cap will be increased from 100 to 300
    • It will be tested with a district this spring
  • Traffic has increased to the Blog
  • AEA PDOnline Live - on demand/webinar series that are available
    • First one will be rolling this month
      • Webinar
      • External partners
      • Conferences that have been recorded
    • Information will be disseminated in the newsletter
    • Still a couple months away from utilizing AEA PDOnline Live to the full capacity
    • We are thinking about different venues to connect
  • Will the monthly newsletter be available on the website?
    • All information is housed on and
    • Goal is for the Blog to be the 15th of each month
  • Registration for live events is a concern also

4. Ed Info (Major Initiative - Design/Develop)

Jan 1 was to be the date that the old Ed Info site went out of existence.
  • A and A server to be the authentication server to Equella, this has been discussed
  • Technologically this may work, there are concerns about security
  • Advantages would be
    • no new accounts would have to be created
    • There is not an upload feature for districts
    • Someone from the DE would have to manage
  • This is more than just education, it is every agency in the state

5. Instructional Coaching (Statewide - Consult/Develop)

Attached is the class list for the course (starts Monday).

  • Evan has discussed with the instructor to allow the waitlist into the course
  • Begins on Monday
    • This is the first time that this course will be offered

6. CoPI (Statewide - Develop/Design/Deliver)

In case you missed it, here is the latest on CoPI from our December update:

• Recruiting - We are rolling out a spring recruiting for all CoPIs. This includes a formal kick-off tentatively scheduled for March 28. Plans are in initial stages, with marketing and communication on specifics to come out in January.
• Workflow Development - Right now, leaders on the CoPI core committees are examining workflows for teachers to ramp-up involvement in CoPI, for a process of vetting to be established, and for content to be shared back and forth and be collectively built. These workflows are essential to high-level involvement within the community.
• MOLLIE - Blended Learning - CoPI teachers are encouraged to take the Mollie Blended Learning course scheduled to come out in March. More details below.
• Soft Chalk/Soft Cloud - CoPI groups have begun to use Soft Cloud for content development. More details below.
• Ongoing Webinars - CoPI groups will be participating in delivering online webinars. More details below.
• Collective Digital Space - The online hub for the CoPI work is now being developed. For those interested in seeing its progress, go to The enrollment key for now is turtle. While this is currently not open to teachers, the plan is it will be available for current CoPI members before the spring recruitment.
• ELA - Spring seminar on poetry unit scheduled
• Science - Spring or summer seminar unit on physical science modules scheduled. We are in the process of revising those modules, as well as beginning work on other content areas
• Math - Spring seminar on voter preferential module tentatively planned
• Social Studies - Spring seminar on Global Citizenship module tentatively planned (including updated revisions). Also, possible rollout of the Big History Project, done in conjunction with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Can this be shared out to districts or should we wait?
    • Evan would like Nancy to summarize the information to be shared and be sent to Online Council
    • Information about what CoPi is can be shared

7. AEA PD Online Live (Statewide - Develop/Design/Deliver)

We will be ramping up our efforts on our webinar series "Live" this spring.
  • Grant Wood is looking at having a YouTube channel
  • At IPTV the main focus is to create the files and put it out in as many places to meet demand
  • Management of files is a primary concern
  • Registration for Live events is a concern
  • Goal is to have structures in place, a finished product that can be marketed prior to the end of the year

8. Equella (Statewide - Consult/Develop)

9. Other Updates
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?

Agenda items:
Evan will update if the Chiefs meet and send to group prior to next meeting
Inquiries around Crisis Management in light of the events around the recent school shooting