Review of agenda, Updates
Common understanding, Identification of additional items (Questions/Actions are listed below in red)
Evan & Others
Recording for today's meeting:

Teacherline arrangements with Morningside-Trista IPTV update
  • Morningside will be offering PBS Teacherline graduate credit; except for three or four that do not qualify
  • This will be nationwide for all teachers
  • All courses were qualified by Morningside to be part of one of the Master's program
    • Masters of Arts in Teaching will be the program that these courses will satisfy
  • Joint press release will be made by Morningside and IPTV
  • There is room for IA AEA PD to offer license renewal credit, but there will be some technical issues that need to be worked out first
    • We had a group look at the offerings from Teacherline and they made the recommended that courses be offered
    • This would allow us to offer more courses
    • There was some issues in registration because of the programming work that would be needed to add links
      • Councils have asked for time estimates for new features being added to the system
    • Are we still interested in a possible partnership with IPTV? If so, should we get a time estimate?
      • Voted yes to pursue a partnership
  • Local Teacherline Courses being offered currently
    • Global Climate Change begins January 25 - grant from EPA for registration cost and license renewal credit for middle school science teachers
      • Facilitator will be secured from AEA 10
    • Reading program is being offered to preschool teachers
Intel update
  • Transforming One-to-One Schools course
    • Sue Swartz and the senior instructors have the materials
    • Rhonda and Norma will pilot this course
      • This experience may not necessarily satisfy all the needs in becoming a one-to-one school
      • There are some great lessons within this program
    • What type of format do you see this material in?
      • Participants could participate online, but content is more appropriate for face-to-face
    • Should Peggy be in on the conversation regarding the possibility of getting this course ready for online?
      • Yes, but do we really need to make this content ours or should we use this as a model and create something that is really good for Iowa schools
    • We know that there is a need to meet the needs of our one-to-one schools, but we have not identified the best method of delivery for these schools
      • The group of technology instructors, along with Peggy could take the pieces from this course and create a valuable learning tool for AEA PD Online
      • Brian has volunteered to work with this group and Peggy to look at this course
      • Are there any curriculum directors on this committee?
        • That is unknown because the email from Lance Wilhelm just went out before break
        • This is a great opportunity for curriculum to work with technology
    • The superintendents in AEA 11 want to have step-by-step adoption procedures on how to become one-to-one
      • This seems to be old school thinking and is this really the direction that we want to go when the world is not going this way
    • Statewide one-to-one committees will be formed in each AEA
    • Assemble a committee of different representatives with the consensus of the directors
      • This committee would look at the issue of how a school becomes a one-to-one school
      • This committee would look at the Intel content for the best venue
      • Create a syllabus for the Intel courses, for example:
        • Cyber-bullying
        • Digital Technology
      • Develop an action plan/timeline on how to achieve this goal
      • Evan mentioned that Bob Munson would be an ideal person to add to this group; he has created and is teaching courses on Cyberbullying
      • One-to-one does not fit into a nice, neat box there are so many different components
        • It would be difficult to get down to a course proposal right away
        • There is infrastructure items that will help to transform to a one-to-one school; but not necessarily be covered under a course proposal
    • This may be several groups that have an intersection, but not necessarily have the same people at the table
    • Big issue is coordination, there needs to be a leader of the group
    • Evan asked that Brian contact him after he meets with Stacy
  • Evan and Peggy will be attending the national Intel conference in Georgia
  • Mid-year report is due at the end of January
  • There are six spots open to take an online training offered through ETLO
    • Peggy asked to take the course

Diversity Awareness - Committee Members?* What are the needs as far as professional development around Cultural Competence/Diversity?
    • Peggy and Evan will meet with Stephaney Jones-Voand Gilmara Mitchell
    • Katie Gavin from Prairie Lakes is a part of this committee
    • Evan asked for additional members from other AEA's and email him or Peggy with the name
Special Education Directors - Child Find, AEA Special Ed Procedures Manual, PBIS, UDL/AIM
  • Evan is meeting with the SPED Directors this month
  • This is content that has been developed
  • Evan will also provide an awareness of what Online Learning can provide for them
Instructor Survey
  • Peggy put together a survey for the Online Instructors
  • We are trying to collect data from the instructors
  • One of the issues is getting courses approved for graduate credit
    • With the new federal guidelines regarding out of class time for graduate credit
  • Peggy will resend survey
License Renewal Coordinators - Consistency Committee
  • What are the benefits of coming up with a consistent registration system, consistent pricing for courses, consistent syllabus?
    • This work is currently taking place
    • There are several members from this committee that will serve on the Consistency Committee
Redesign the OLLIE courses
  • This is still on the radar
  • There have been some additional proposed OLLIE courses
    • Synchronize as opposed to asynchronies
    • How to take resources and utilize them in a course
    • Instructional Design
  • There was a request for a more localized training, in order to support the participants that need more of a face-to-face learning experience
Moodle 2.0
  • Evan is meeting with Lance Wilhelm this afternoon to iron out the Moodle 2.0 server arrangements
  • Peggy and Evan will have some work in copying the current work in the Moodle server database
  • They will upload to see what "breaks" and correct those errors
  • Timeline looks to be mid-April for the conversion
  • It is looking more like we will have to have two servers up and running to accommodate the run out of courses that are currently taking place
Moodle users group
  • Just before the holidays there were 75 people registered for the Moodle group
  • Evan spoke with IDLA, but will be making contacts with the other stakeholder groups
    • The stakeholder group will be members that will help to create a vision of how the group should function
    • Jean has agreed to be part of the stakeholders group
  • They will talk offline regarding this group


2012-13 Budget
Inform, Discuss, Next Steps

Governance Council
  • The Chiefs would like the councils to give direction on what to do with the budget for 12-13.
  • Discussion from this meeting
    • Hire more instructional designers
    • LEA access; this is the $0.50 cost per student charged to the districts
      • Do we want to continue this charge or reduce it?
      • Part of the fee is the $25.00 fee for the Mandatory Reporter course
        • It would be nice if there was a similar training for the Mandatory Reporter, but is not for licensure renewal
        • There has been discuss to remove this fee and have it covered under the $0.50 charge to districts
    • Have the revenue go back to the local AEA's
      • Professional Development in the face-to-face courses may be taking a hit because of the number of people taking an online course
  • Evan will get additional feedback from the Chiefs so that recommendations can be taken back
    • This will be an agenda item
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?
Agenda items:
Next meeting is scheduled for February 6, but Evan and Peggy will be in Georgia. This meeting has been rescheduled for February 9 at 8:30am.
  • Timeline transition
  • Moodle User group planning
  • One-to-one School work
  • Update on the OLLIE redesign
  • Pricing estimate that needs to be done on the registration system to involve Teacherline courses
  • Feedback for budget discussion
  • Update on the Diversity Awareness