10-15 Notes

Expected Outcome
Review of agenda
Common understanding, Identification of additional items

Present at the meeting were Rhonda Sheeley (1), Brian Unruh (267), Julie Alfaro (9), Andy Crozier (10), Sherry Sines (10), Evan Abbey (11), Sharon Kurns (11), Judy Griffin (13), Kathy Lockard (14), Barb Chambers (NWAEA), Sue Swartz (DE)
Feedback from Chief Administrator, budgeting discussion
Inform, Discuss
Andy suggested that either Brent or a chief administrator would lead the discussion with AEAs about registration and financial concerns (price structure). Sharon mentioned that this might be a discussion for all courses, not online.
Sharon raised the question about whether the proposed positions would be managerial or a consultant. Rhonda suggested to stretch the dollars that we have and be a consultant position. Andy raised concerns about gathering a quality person if the salary was not competitive. Also mentioned was the question of supervision (time and knowledge). Rhonda, Sherry, Judy, Julie, all agreed with Andy's statement. Salary range 85,000-95,000 dollars.
Sue asked if the person would need to have an educational degree. Andy suggested that they have a degree (with evaluator approval) given the nature of work that they will be asked to do.
Brian asked whether this would just be a 1-yr position. The consensus was it would be an ongoing position with initial funding by the IEC (could be more than 1 yr, but not forever by the IEC).
Andy asked about where the person would be located. The consensus was that the position would not be required to centrally relocate.

Sharon suggested that the instructional design position would be a consultant level position, the consensus being Masters Level, 210 days. The individual needs to have experience in instruction as well as preferably formal training and experience in instructional design. Sue suggested to think about broadening the description to open it up for someone outside the educational world with experience in instructional design. Rhonda & Brian mentioned that the position would be consulting the AEAs and LEAs, and so would need educational experience (and degree).

Andy suggested building in costs for traveling and equipment (computers/software). Judy also suggested reinforcing having more than one position spread out strategically across the state. There was consensus with those two things.

Sharon informed the council that Heartland spent $50,000 on programming last year. Andy mentioned that programming wouldn't need to be a full-time position and not a hire.

Brian asked if the proposed position descriptions are finalized. Evan informed the council that the chief administrators did not have any concerns with the proposed as they were given. Sharon suggested that the council designate a subgroup to finalize the proposals. Brian and Judy will look at the description and give revisions to Sharon.

Andy will provide equipment numbers. Sharon and Rhonda will develop traveling budget numbers.

Sharon asked if any AEA was not able to house staff. No AEA was unable to do so. Sharon suggested the chief administrators determine which group will hire the staff. Rhonda suggested the council recommend the council be part of the hiring.

The proposed budget would be out on Monday.
Stakeholder Communication Discussion
Discuss, Next Steps
Brian recommended determining who the stakeholders are that need to know about our group and purpose.

Stakeholders included:
Department of Education, including the communications specialist. - Sue will visit with DE leadership
AEA communication specialists -
PD Coordinators/Instructors at AEA level - Update at 2 mtgs per year and info out on listserv, PD coordinators relaying information
Joint Directors, including electronic update (for other AEA staff) - monthly meeting update (standing 5 minutes) and electronic update, possibly on the Google Site as well
Higher Education, including preparation specialist at the DE
AEA tech consultants - through professional development coordinators???
LEA administrators - School Leader update, with the communication specialists at AEAs, possibly also with the AEA website
SAI, ISEA, IASB - individual connections
BOEE - project manager to visit regularly with Geri McMahon

Evan suggested coming back to discuss how communication comes back to our council from the different stakeholders

Brian recommended that for November, we would revisit how communication would look like for these groups, as well as responsibilities and structure (looking for commonalities to avoid duplication). Also, the council will need to look at a graphic organizer or a logo to help facilitate communication.
Medication Administration Training
Inform, Discuss
Sharon informed the group about a discussion she had with Brent Siegrist regarding a medication administration training that is required for school employees who distribute medication. The DE has used an online training as one option for educators. The DE owns the rights to the content but will no longer be using the provider. They have asked the council to host the course. Evan asked Charlotte Burt (DE) for a chance to visit with the former providers of the course to see the structure of the content to see if it would fit within the training system.

The consensus was that the council was willing to host the course but would need to ascertain the logistics of converting it over (and the associated costs involved).

Sherry mentioned that there is a requirement in the course for an observation required (done presently by LEAs). It was agreed that the council could not take on that responsibility.
Moodle Server Poll Results, Server Discussion
Inform, Discuss
Andy, Rhonda, Vic
Rhonda will visit with Andy to look at the results and then distribute the results in electronic form to the council. At our November meeting, we will have a discussion about the next place to proceed.

Here are the results of the survey: Moodle Survey Results
Evan reviewed the past discussion about using the DE server as a common server for Moodle courses. Evan expressed some reservations about the access and responsiveness of having a server hosted outside of the AEA structure. Rhonda also expressed concerns about that structure.
Online Class Registration and Financial Concerns
Discuss, Next Steps
Sandy & Kathy
Concerns included:
Is design time reimbursed? Is it off time/on time?
Which colleges offer credit for online courses? How will that work? How do we decide which one? Fee structure?
Overall fee structure = standard cost for course? standard instructor reimbursement fee? certain number of participants (and if more, how does that affect the instructors reimbursement)?
Who gets the money for the courses? Instructor, or the AEAs?
Central registration system?
Fee reimbursement (does it go to each AEA? Does it go to the statewide system? Both-to cover overhead costs?)?
Workflow structure for a course to be approved and put on the statewide server?
Clerical work need to be budgeted for?

Kathy will prepare the notes for the upcoming discussion and distribute them first to the council for revision, and then to PD coordinators in November. The PD coordinators will invite key figures for that January meeting (those that would be making the decision about a common registration system). Each AEA representative on the council should meet with their PD coordinators/key people to visit about the issue during December.
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?
Plan to set future dates

Next meeting is 11/24

Communication Plan Update (Brian)
Update on Moodle Server issue (Rhonda & Andy) - Andy & Rhonda will distribute the results electronically in a few weeks. We'll discuss where to go from the results
Update from Chief Administrator discussion (Sharon)
Online training offerings from each AEA (Judy & Gwen) - Any AEAs that offer training for online teaching should contact Judy so that she can add that information to the wiki.