Review of agenda, Updates
Common understanding, Identification of additional items (Questions/Actions are listed below in red)
Evan & Others
Recording for today's meeting:

• Review 2011-12 Goals

Goal 1:
  • Due to some technical issues, there are missing minutes in this section
  • Advisory Council Meeting on Monday, October 10
  • Key topics in Special Education
    • Child Find content
      • Working with two groups, AEA 8 and AEA 267
      • Content will be put together in Moodle
    • IEP Basics will be put into Moodle also
  • Cyberbullying and Digital Citizenship
    • Did not get a chance to talk about this
    • There is already a module in Moodle that can but used
    • There are numerous websites out there
    • The material is already out there, we just need to find a way to synthesize it
  • Diversity/Cultural Competence
    • Material will be developed by Katie Gavin
    • Other consultants that have been contacted are Stephaney Jones-Vo and Gilmara Mitchell at AEA 11
    • A statewide committee will be developed to look over the content and approve it
  • RTI/Iowa Core
    • What is a training?
    • What is a module?
    • What is a course?
    • Hopefully by November, we will have an Action Plan
  • Alignment
    • Will need to talk to Brad regarding this subject
  • Bus Driver
    • Evan will work with the Department of Education to develop this training
    • Probably will not be worked on until December
    • Training possibly available the second semester
  • HIPPA Training
    • Committee of HR Directors
    • Evan would like to visit with this committee for input on possible trainings
    • There is a module that is three years old that was developed and could be updated
  • Data Team
    • Data decision making process
    • Foundational piece that could serve as a basis for PBIS or RTI
    • If a school does not already have this, this would be a way for the teachers to buy into this type of training
Goal 2
  • Mentoring
  • Collect data relating to student acheivement
  • No cost OLLIE Cohorts
    • 10 week course; we are in unit 2
    • Model of this throughout the year will work well
    • Course 5 will be offered to anyone that would like to take it; this will be offered next summer
  • Evan will work with teachers to develop dates for the Introduction to Online Learning
    • Would be open to all AEA consultants
  • Offer more OLLIE course offer
  • Advisory Council will talk more about the implementation of the evaluation instruments

Goal 3
  • ARRA Ed Tech work grant ended September
  • We need someone that will be the nuts and bolts person
    • Scott (AEA 8) has agreed to work on this project
    • Nancy is working on the hierarchy of this program
    • We could decide not to sustain this goal
      • Probably not the best decision; but could happen
      • AEA PD Online could take of the overseeing of this position; we could hire Nancy and find a way to fund this position
      • AEA PD Online is currently only focusing on PD for K-12; we would have to expand our focus beyond just PD
      • Nancy will meet with Media Directors next week
  • One area where there is a huge amount of interest is eCurriculum
    • This area is unexplored by the AEA's
    • The curriculum that is out there is either expensive or not very good or both
    • This may be the work of the AEA's services that they offer
  • Continuing to work with the other providers
    • IAETC group has new members and things are starting to get rolling
    • ISEA - Cindy Swanson is working with this group
  • Twitter and Email Blasts have been used for marketing

• Ed Tech ARRA work and its relation to AEA PD Online

• 2010-11 Heartland Expense report, 2011-12 Proposed Budget, Update from Chief's Meeting

  • These will be provided monthly
  • The item that says Technician
    • Peggy and Marv's salary
  • Professional-Other is Evan's salary
  • Consultant-budget for the online instructors hired by AEA 11
  • Educational Professional Services-consultants hired by other AEA's
    • Heartland pays the other AEA plus 3% for the handling of the instructor
  • Technical Service-service contract with Heartland
  • Service From Other AEA-dollar amount that is going back to AEA's at the end of the budget year
  • General Admin Allocation
    • Heartland charged 10%; this 10% contains
      • 3% back end charges
      • 5% for the credit card costs for Wells Fargo
      • 2% for secretarial support/server support
    • We are implementing Google Apps
    • We worked with the EduVision person from Heartland
    • The Chief Administrators came away with a better understanding of the dollar amount that Heartland charged AEA PD Online
  • Amounts for the college/university goes directly to the college/university
  • We have brought in 83% of our budget from the Online Trainings
  • We will bring in well over $67,000 from our Online Courses
  • There is a Cancellation Fee; this fee is $20
  • Sales to LEA's and AEA's
    • This is the $0.50 charge per student for access to the Online Training System
  • There is room there to ramp up some other offerings
  • Talk about hiring an additional Online Instructional Designer
  • We do need an Intel Elements Instructor

• OLLIE Cohort 5

• Moodle Users Group (Bob Puffer - Luther)
  • Keystone has been visiting with Evan
  • Bob has been interested in creating a community centered around Moodle
    • He is part of a group called CLAMP
    • This is a group of 36 schools that get together and work collaboratively to work on Moodle code
  • Evan is interested in working with a group of teachers
    • To share ideas and troubleshoot ideas
    • What Peggy is starting could become the basis of this idea
    • This may move beyond K-12 education
    • The facilitator would be the key to keeping this group together and to move it forward
    • Bob has been invited to the next meeting
  • Another partner could be IDLA
    • Could partner with them to have a Moodle Moot Conference with them
    • This does not have to be just an Iowa thing; it could be a Upper Midwest User group
    • Bob is Moodle specific; IDLA is more Blackboard driven
  • We need many more partners involved in this user group

• DE Update

• Updates from Peggy
  • Module is almost complete
  • Working with Deb VerSteeg to get it up on Moodle
  • There are a few additions that need to be made
  • Peggy has also created a course for instructors
    • This would be a place for instructors to "vent"
    • To get additional information for their courses
    • Encouraging instructors to inform Peggy if they would like to be part of this course
  • Peggy has created "Friday Feature"
    • This is a blog to keep instructors informed
  • Trying to get more templates for the Moodle system
    • This would give the look and feel of PD Online, but provide choices in customization of their course
  • Website is being moved
    • Has been moved from the Sox site to the EdLine site
    • This is the new host of
  • EduVision
    • Peggy has created a channel for AEA PD Online
    • There is a subchannel that was created to allow teachers to work with students in video creation
      • This will not be housed on the Moodle server; valuable space will not be used for videos
      • Videos can also be made private, so this will not be available to the world
    • Sharon shared a phone conversation she had this morning from the former DE Assessment consultant to house some statewide content
      • Peggy will work with her regarding this subject matter

• Advisory/Governance Council

• Marketing/Communication
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?
Schedule for next year?
Agenda items:
  • Moodle group discussion