Review of agenda, Updates
Common understanding, Identification of additional items (Questions/Actions are listed below in red)

Recording for Today's Session:

Current Projects:
Current Projects
  • Meeting with Gary Peterson and Linda Van to develop content
  • HR Directors met in October
    • Training on hiring
      • Working with a team from Mississippi Bend AEA to complete this project
      • Due date is January 2013
      • Goal is to create a secondary training specific to each AEA's policies
    • Bullying training
      • Working with Sue Schirmer to develop this training
      • Also working with Urbandale Schools for the videos that will be used in combination with this training
      • January target date
    • Crisis Response
    • Digital Publishing
      • Creating ePub documents
      • Creating interactive textbooks
      • SCROM lessons utilizing SoftChalk
    • Training for Transportation Directors
      • Training for bus drivers
    • Playground training and supervision
    • FERPA
    • Vision Screening
Revamped Website

Updates from Directors Meetings
• Personalized Learning
  • Race-to-the-Top Grant
  • Have asked consultants from each AEA to be an eCoach
  • It is a portal
    • You have an account and can manage the people that are eCoaching participants
    • Walk through to demonstrate the resources that are available
      • How to manage and add
      • Similar to Moodle
      • Self-explanatory
    • Bulk of course is 5 webinars
      • Available for license renewal credit
      • Fee of $119 to take course; includes Community of Practice membership
      • Community of Practice is $35 for lifetime membership
      • Additional $25 for credit
    • Discussion at Directors' meeting
      • Not sure how effective Community of Practice will be in the long-term
      • Hesitation to put resources
      • Research has shown that this a powerful source of professional development
      • If we can collect data that shows this type of learning works; we can change direction
      • How are districts going to be informed?
        • Media Directors are being informed
        • Received updated brochures from Nancy Lockner at Grant Wood
        • Nancy may be able to send to the Online Council
        • Believed that better communication is necessary
          • Possibly involve the Communication Directors
          • Media Directors received an updated flyer last night
          • Susan Schrader shared, but she did not seem to have a great deal of information
        • What group is being contracted
      • Media Directors are identifying individuals to work on the steering committee
        • What about the people who want to participate, but not on the steering committee
        • Helps consultants connect to districts
        • Statewide visibility
        • Make sure that you have a conversation with your supervisor
• Conceptual Based Learning
  • Group went to Montana
  • Is not a concensus on how this work will be developed
    • Kim Reynolds is spearheading this work
    • Self-paced modules will be created (7 modules)
      • What does it mean to understand - November 16
      • Why teach conceptual - November 16
      • Why teach standards - November 30
      • Writing generalization
• CoPI contributors
• Offering services out of state
  • Interest in offering our training system out of state
  • Approximately one call a week is received by Evan regarding utilizing the Online Learning System
  • Chiefs want date collection on the perspective amount of money that could be brought into the system
  • Hang up is the Code regarding offering trainings outside of the state.

Template Creation
  • Create consistency
    • General conversation with Gail Wortmann and Denise
    • Conversation with Tiffany and Brian from IPTV
      • Regarding consistent templates
      • There have been conversation, but pen to paper has not happened for the high school courses
      • More work has been done on the PD side
        • Some changes to templates have been made
    • Template
      • Design
      • Navigation
      • What activities are part of the course
      • Institute a workflow for this type of work
  • Seeking recommendation from group to move forward with this
    • Stipends to be paid to Brian, Tiffany, Gail and Denise for their work
    • Support from
      • Grant Wood
      • AEA 267
      • Heartland AEA
      • Green Hills
      • Great Prairie
    • Recommendation will be taken back to the Governance Council
      • Actual work will be done by the statewide staff
Instructor Recruiting
• Video
• Specific Individuals
  • Julie Townsend
    • Could be someone to ask to teach an OLLIE course
    • Could teach SPED courses
  • Tyler Youngers-teacher at Grinnell
    • Line them up with the correct people
    • Not taken the OLLIE courses
    • Currently teaches Social Studies
    • More experienced in BlackBoard
    • Currently enrolled in Instructional Technology Masters program at UNI
    • Experience in implementing one-to-one technology
    • There is an expectation that he would complete all the OLLIE courses
  • Rosa Maur
    • Assistive Technology
    • Blind and visually impaired
  • Phyllis Anderson
    • She has taught for IPTV
    • Next generation Science Standards
  • Is Department of Education adopting these Science and Math standards?
    • The transition was approved by the State School Board association
    • Timeline is the fall
  • Marietta Rives
    • Co-teaching and Collaboration
  • Recommended to go ahead and support these individual
  • Involve Rita Martin and Yvette with the DE
Training System Updates

  • Conversations regarding the Training System and slow down that was experienced in August
    • Servers were virtualized last year
    • A proposal has been made to purchase dedicated hardware and to unvirtualize the training system
    • Recommendation to superintendents to avoid slow downs
      • Avoiding certain days
      • Cap the number of participants per district
      • Recommending alternative dates
Communication Directors Update-
  • Identified audience
  • A lot of these resources are come to get
    • Teachers may not come and get it
    • There has been an increase in the followers on Twitter
    • Newsletter available on the 15th of each month
  • Webinars
    • Items tied to teachers
    • Items tied to technology
    • Is it okay for webinars to be sit and get?
• New Logos
  • CoPi logo
    • No link to AEA
    • Communities are larger than the AEA's
    • Members will be LEA's, Iowa Department of Education
    • Purpose was to make Iowa centered
    • Nothing about the logo says education
  • Logos
    • We have designed some logos
    • All logos must be created by an AEA
    • Not sure what the workflow for development or management is going to be effective or efficient
      • Is there another option?
      • What would be steps to streamline the process?
    • This is our first attempt to do this with coordination with the Communication Specialists
      • Three week turnaround time is kind of high
      • Is not felt that there is an option
      • We need to find a way to work within this framework
      • Small issues do not have to be run before this council; if there are bigger issues then they need to come to this group
• Communication Plan
Beginning Newsletter and Newsletter Plan
• iPod App

• Prioritization

  • Hired a half-time position
    • Karen Randell from Keystone AEA
    • She will be internal tech person for this year for the Equella database
    • Training Monday-Wednesday
      • Peggy, Brian, Tiffany will be attending
    • Prioritize content
      • Evan has a meeting scheduled on January 9 in Great Prairie
    • Evan will continue to push this project forward
• Branding
• Technical Steps

Iowa CoPI - Update
• Overview video
  • Looking at projects for the spring
• Math
  • Meeting invitation to be sent today
• Science
  • Looking at projects for the spring

Soft Cloud
  • Approved and purchased
  • Cloud version of SoftChalk
    • Multiple people can work on the same project
  • Ten pack license
Advisory Council
  • Evan will be working on setting up a meeting in November or December
Other Communication
  • Nancy Movall and Evan have a meeting tomorrow
  • Evan has a meeting set up with Jason Glass
• U of Iowa ELL grant
  • Initial stages of meeting
  • Jeff Weld
  • There is a meeting today to discuss what AEA PD Online can do for this group

Current Budget

  • Data on numbers of participants
  • Data on who from where and what courses
  • Who is enrolling in the training modules
  • Who is enrolling in the online courses
  • What are the intended uses of any budget overflow this time around
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?

Agenda items:
Discussion on budgetary impacts
OLLIE series regarding sequence is suggested because of the high level