Review of agenda, Updates
Common understanding, Identification of additional items (Questions/Actions are listed below in red)

Evan & Others
Updates include
• Special Education Professional Development group (Evan)
Evan met with the Special Education PD group (they use the acronym CSEPD). They visited about different modes of online professional development and brainstormed targeted areas for PD in special education areas (including Child Find, IEPs, Teaching for Learner Differences). The group will be participating in the spring OLLIE cohort to work collaboratively on some online professional development materials for the AEAs.

• Instructional Coaching (Deb)

• OLLIE (Evan)
Cohort 2 recently finished the instructional design course and will begin the facilitation course on December 6. This will include specialized training for those who will be facilitating Intel Elements courses, in addition to those who will be facilitating the OLLIE courses. Those involved include: AEA1 - Norma Thiese, AEA 267 - Cheryl Carruthers, Brian Unruh, Kay Schmalen, AEA 8 - Dorothy Degroot, Karen Appleton, AEA 9 - Amy Wichman, Robert Reppert, Julie Alfaro, AEA 11 - Denise Krefting, Lynn McCartney, NWAEA - Judy Sweetman, Pam Buysman, GHAEA - Judy Griffin, Mary Ann Angeroth, GPAEA - Sue Kientz, Jane Trotter, Kristin Steingreaber, Leslie Roberts. Evan is very excited about the potential for this group to be offering courses coming this spring.

• Intel (Sue & Evan)
Evan has met with Colleen Anderson and Jennifer Riedemann (Iowa Core Assessment for Learning group) to revise the Intel Elements: 21st Century Assessment course. The course should be ready soon, for the Intel facilitation cohort to review. Also, the first course (Project-Based Approaches) is also finished and ready to go. Denise Krefting will begin work on the 3rd course (collaboration) as soon as the method for reimbursement for her time is determined by the grant. Sue Swartz is currently revising the grant to determine that reimbursement protocol.

• Technology Task Force (Gwen)

• Para-educator (Evan)
Evan has had discussion with the license-renewal coordinators, who have interest in creating some online modules (not a full online course, per se) to be used by each AEA. The consensus is that face-to-face time, especially for direct observation, is a necessary component. But, each AEAs para-educator program could be bolstered by some common online modules. Though it is still in the preliminary stages, work is planned to be done this spring.

• Evaluator Approval (Evan)
Evan is planning on visiting with Matt Ludwig about the development of online evaluator approval courses and the hosting them by the statewide system for credit. Currently, there is some question about whether they are intended to be a course or individually-paced instruction (i.e. a training).
Transition Process Update
Inform, Discuss
• Registration System -
Items to be determined before the registration system can be completed
1. Fees (see below)
2. Max/Min participants (see below)
3. Cancellation dates (see below)
4. Viterbo grade submission
5. Contacts for graduate approval (Viterbo & Morningside)
6. Viterbo transcript printing
7. Evaluation section of course proposal
8. Reporting needs for individual AEAs

Moodle Server - The basics of the Moodle server are up and running. Evan will have courses and users imported by the end of December. Evan is proposing a directed navigational element at the top of the home page to help participants who come to the site unsure of what is available. What is seen on the site is the start of direction that would benefit the Iowa Core materials on the site.

• 28E - Rough draft of the agreement is finished and distributed to chief administrators to peruse. They will discuss it at their next meeting.

Pricing Structure
The course fee sub-group of the Advisory Council met and proposed the following fees for the statewide system
1. Instructor fee = $800/credit
2. Cost for license renewal credit = $85/credit
3. Cost for graduate credit = University credit + $85. Morningside = $125 ($40 + $85).
4. Minimum participants = 10
5. Maximum participants = 20
6. Cancellation fee = $10 prior to 2 wks before class, $20 prior to 1 wk after beginning of class, no refund afterwards
Inform, Discuss
Trista Peitzman & Bryan Bauer
Trista will showcase some of the current Teacherline offerings and other projects of IPTV (such as the Digital Learning Library). We will discuss the possible use & partnership of IPTV for the statewide system.
ARRA Update
Inform, Discuss, Next Steps
Nancy, Vic
• Content - Content is being purchased in the following credit recovery areas: Algebra I
English I
American History
English II
Algebra II
Amer. Government

This will be done with either Florida Virtual School courses, or in some cases, NROC.

• Repository - Media directors looked at a proposal from Dyton for a repository. There were concerns about the incompleteness of the product and the costs of development, as well as the overall costs of the proposal. Nancy will gather proposals from Remote Learner, Moodle Rooms, as well as ILO.

• Professional Development - The Spring OLLIE Cohort will include teachers in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy. This is done in conjunction with the statewide leadership teams. Educational Service Directors were asked by Nancy in November to submit people who would participate.
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?
Items on the next agenda include: