Expected Outcome
Review of agenda
Common understanding, Identification of additional items
In attendance were Rhonda Sheeley (1), Robert Vittengl (1), Brian Unruh (267), Sandy Spangler (8), Julie Alfaro (9), Sherry Sines (10), Andy Crozier (10), Sharon Kurns (11), Evan Abbey (11), Judy Griffin (13), Kathy Lockard (14), Barb Chambers (NWAEA), Katie Gavin (GPAEA), Brent Siegrist (AEA representative), Gwen Nagel (DE), Sue Swartz (DE), Vic Jaras (DE), Arlan Thorson (ILO), Jeannie Campbell (IPTV). Sharon welcomed everyone. Gwen and Rhonda will share about the technology task force.
• Joint Director’s Meeting
• ICC Module
• Medical Distribution Module
• Iowa Learns website tutorials
• Administration site for new training system


Sandy & Rhonda, Evan
Rhonda, Sandy and Sharon attend Joint Directors Meeting - get a lot of support. ICC Module - working with people from DE as well as Manson NW, AEA 9, met last week and developed outcomes and narrative/outline for training. Training main purpose is to give educators and teachers a foundation for what ICC stands for. Central piece is double-ring graphic - use that to help guide teachers thru the 6 outcomes - alignment, PD goals and such. Goal is to have done by January 20. Format will be a teacher-less module - less than 2 hours for participants. Will go on on-line system. Exploring question of inter-activity. Wants it to be a flexible module to be taken independently or part of a prof dev within a district. Want to see how the process works before planning on going off of that. Formative assessment course being developed by members of formative assessment work team offered for teachers - ready by June.
Medical Distribution - this is a training offered by DE, we will post on training server as long as technical requirements are not too overwhelming. Marv Howard and Evan met and looks like it will work. Programmer is working on it currently. Training should be up before Christmas. No charge that we are aware of. Kathy at Green Valley was asked if they charged for that training - no charge.
Iowa Learns website tutorials - Evan sent out emails to everyone - he created some how-tos. That database is hosted by IPTV. If you did not receive screen-cast tutorials, let Evan know. Expectation for use will tie in with later discussion.
Admin site for new training - email sent to contact at each AEA, prepared instruction on how to use admin site. Each AEA can log in as an admin to the database and can look up user records, what tests have been taken, any problems, issues with printing, etc. Those instructions were sent out. Evan has list of contact person for each AEA and if you need on that list, let Evan know. Email was sent 11-9 at 11:43 a.m. Evan will see why Barb Chambers is not receiving all information.
Review 2009-10 Goals & Action Plan
Review, Discuss
Small groups did a quick review. Talked about the whole idea of a common server and where it should be located. Goals and actions - common server, position to be hired, registration, communication. Goals that we need to have completed by end of day? Continue to move forward and advertise position sooner than later. No formal communication plan has been developed. Rhonda - we have some statewide people not represented here - do we want some partners in higher ed. Potential agenda item for today. Gwen - identify specs for exising server -who is responsible at DE right now. ITE is contracted by DE. Admin by IPTV for the DE courses. That needs to be clarified in action plan. Arrangement may change as we grow, but it is working now. Judy Gr. talked about course proposal. Sharon - reviewed the 6 goals. Stated not too far behind in timeline to get positions hired. Once position is hired, we can get going on some of the other issues. Where will job description come from? Sharon was going to talk with our HR director. State Tech task force - huge element will be to provide online opportunity for kids. Knowledge that task force exists - includes people from every constituency around the state - includes higher ed community colleges, businesses, ICN, DE. Vision is looking at distance education - kdg through grad school. Talk to each other and not duplicate. ARRA money - support online learning. Build capacity of teachers to use online tools. Goals will be to create statewide repository of these lessons that can be freely shared. Have some content, may have to buy content, eventually with ICC we will be better to develop and own our own content so we are not obligated to any vendor. How do we keep track so we don't overlap and do the same things. What do we need to help our teachers create quality classes. A visual needs to be developed.
Current online training pedagogy opportunities at each AEA
Inform, Discuss, Next Steps (develop a marketing plan)
Judy & Gwen
Judy - review Instructor Training Courses under Sample AEA Documents. Yes from 10 & 11. Researched what was available from universities. You can click in and read more. There are links to several institutions - Drake, Univ of Wisconsin. UNI is offering something this spring. Gwen talked to several Iowa universities and got mostly no's. Judy thought AEA's may have to develop some of our own courses. The goal - if Iowa could offer certification - not to that point yet. (Gwen) Design and cooperate with Drake possibly. Evan - talked with Chuck at Drake - interested in developing certificate using AEA's. Taking courses offered by AEA's are more economically feasible. AEA's could offer basic courses. For more in-depth courses, cost prohibitive for AEA to create, possible Drake could offer. Not exclusive with just Heartland - but for any AEA's. Need to get some inexpensive courses out there for teachers. Sharon - decision needs to come as a State - work together - is it a high priority? Evan - not a lot of people taking the courses currently available. Cost is a large determining factor. DE recommending that schools model themselves to putting their content online, teaching teachers to create and deliver content online and they use online delivery in their classrooms. (Gwen) Be prepared with content to be able to be delivered online. Bring special education into the conversation (Sandy). Questions about how cost of development fits into the priorities. (Sharon) Judy - is there no way we can find money to help teachers take these courses? Can we look to that? Vic - if we can negotiate with Drake - why can't we have a cohort in every AEA - use grant money -could every AEA do one course and be the expert - that would be 9-10 courses across the state -enough for one certificate. Rhonda - provide for our own teacher training. Evan- conversation about having a sequence of courses that would lead to certification with all AEAs working together (summary). If we are in agreement with one sequence - recommend having a subcommittee looking at feasibility option - purchasing courses, use ARRA money, buy content, and get options out to make a better decision. Need to get moving on this. Sharon - needs to move ahead and wants commitment that we will move ahead. Do we wait for the project manager to be hired.(Andy) Gwen - subcommittee would create a vision to hand over to the project manager. Judy - are we re-creating to make it cheaper even though colleges already have some in place? Andy -have project manager make recommendations for us. Goal is to make this affordable. All teachers statewide should have options to take the courses. (Rhonda) Agreement to have a subcommittee work on this. Brian - the facilitation of the course is a big part. Would it be smart as a statewide system to structure co-dependents within our AEAs - built what Vic said about each AEA having an area of expertise and not duplicating. More consistency that way. Vic, Gwen, Judy, Sue, Sandy, Grant Wood, Rhonda, 267 for subcommittee. Organization of the group - Evan. Goal - before hire project manager - subcommittee will brainstorm and look at costs, and hand off to project manager. NWAEA does not work with Drake.
Feedback from Chief Administrator, budgeting discussion
Inform, Discuss
Sharon & Brent
Brent - chiefs have approved the head position which there is a job description for - post internally - ideally hired from within. Very supportive of process. One-time funding with surplus money from consortium. Expect to come up with unified fee structure. Bob - chiefs believe need to be done as a system.
2 FTE to be filled. Project manager oversees with persons from AEAs. One-time funding - what does it mean? IEC has built up surplus and will spend surplus money - not ongoing. Common understanding is one year's worth of funding. Chiefs think this is a wonderful project. Possible an additional time funding - not ruled out. Concern that one year is not long enough to be effective. Hopefully will be some flexibility. Fee structure will need a lot of thinking. AEAs not in the business of making money, just want to cover costs. Can we develop something and sell it nationally? Work towards being a statewide system. Tell the chiefs what this is predicated on - before setting up fee structure. Project manager requires Iowa teaching license. Instructional designers do not have a job description yet. They need to have experience working with teachers/students. Step 1 is hiring the project manager and that will help everything else to move forward.
Online class registration and financial concerns (looking at a common system)
Discuss, Next Steps
Brent, Sandy & Kathy
Outcome of this part of agenda - identify what issues are for this afternoon.
Evan - list on the google doc from October meeting.
Point 3 will be a big concern - one central registration? Which system? How many students? Need to make some consistent decisions. Three AEAs have their own systems - the others have purchased their system. Do we all get the same system? Barb - registration suggestion - allow everybody to register thru own AEA, agree to common price, provide what is needed to get access to actual course. Andy - fears it would turn out to be a huge headache. Rhonda - need to move toward a statewide system. Barb - do we need to go to statewide for everything - is that too big of a commitment? The consensus is yes. It may turn out to be cost-effective to go to one system. Sandy - suggests doing online registration first. Bob says that chiefs expect the one on-line system. We need to make the decision and make it seamless for our clients. Rhonda - we want the AEA clients to be our clients - border to border - the AEA system - not each individual AEA. It will be a benefit down the road. Sharon - Frame it up in terms of having one online system. Katie - state it will be one online system and use it as a jumping board for the PD directors across the state. Andy - look at what system we want, either purchase or build. Sandy - collect the costs of our PD start-up, plus get the yearly costs for updates.
Fees - for this afternoon. There will be fees - what will they be? 3rd question in that category should be addressed. Drake has different fees for each AEA, that needs to be addressed with Drake. (1st & 3rd questions)
If we are going to fund our positions and the fees will help fund those we keep offering some classes for free. Would like to see the free ones continue. May need to rethink that issue. May need to charge minimum of $5 for classes that are currently offered free to keep the system sustainable. Will there be a standard cost for teacher-less tutorials. (Evan) If we start charging - all AEAs should have input in the quality of the programs. (Sharon) How to charge the schools? As a district or charge the teachers/bus drivers/etc. individually. Is there a way to develop and offer some courses free, and a charge for others. (Brian) Trainings vs. certification classes. (Evan)
How will money be collected and redistributed - discussion for this afternoon.
Costs: First 3 points need to be part of conversation. Julie's pay for online teaching is per class not per student. Extra pay for anything beyond 60 students. Barb teaches graduate classes online - set fee with a minimum of participants. Will we pay for the designing of the online course? Do we need a list of requirements? (Andy)
Other: Different course proposal form for online?
Evan will facilitate the afternoon discussion. The chief administrators were to have spoken to their representatives regarding decisions and expectations. Funding is a big concern for each of the AEAs.
Communication Plan Discussion
Brian - Question regarding graphic that goes out. Wise to have 2 graphics - one related around communication; and the other of what this committee is and how we potentially interact and fit in with the grand scheme of things. Divide and discuss in small groups - look at what all do we want as far as a graphical we want to give out to stakeholders (look to see who contact people are). Do we want to give out a brochure on what this group is. What type of information do you feel would be important to put out to stakeholders.
Do you think the communication piece should be sent to all stakeholders listed within the website or should certain stakeholders get different information.
What summary should be in the information: Website related - create links to each AEA. Graphic was state of Iowa with a circle in it. Scheduled webinars with targeted audiences. Look at different groups that hold state conferences and obtain booth space to get the information out there. Leveraging email to get to the websites. Small posters stating Iowa Online Learning is Coming. Brian could create a youtube video :) Bring in all types of social media. How do we bring communication back to the group. Look at using the Iowa AEA site to see if there is a place there for that.
Brian suggested thinking about looking at stakeholders and if we need to develop a communication plan sooner than later about what needs to be communicated out. Bob - involve the PR committee. Andy is going to contact link to PR committee to get on the December agenda.
Revisit current stakeholder communication, next steps
Department of Education – Sue can get a better answer for these groups
Communication Specialists at the DE - Sue
Preparation Specialist at the DE - Sue
PD Coordinators & BOEE (Jerry) – Update at their 3 meetings per year. Email out to the group via the listserv. Maybe the project manager might be working one to one with Jerry at the BOEE. Continuing conversations related to working together.
Online Instructors at the AEA level/AEA Staff – possibly an electronic update that might go out to staff, maybe coordinating a communication through the PD Coordinators out to the staff.
Technology Consultants at the AEA’s – same as above
Joint Directors – standing 5 minutes with an update on what we are doing and possible the Google site
Administrators of our LEA’s – Maybe within the school leader update, maybe working through the communication specialists,
Higher Education (2 and 4 year) – maybe the preparation specialist would be a good contact for this.
SAI, ISEA, ISBA – maybe working this around mentoring, PD committee
Communication Specialists at the AEA – This is different for each of the AEA’s. sometimes an AEA doesn’t have one of these.
Moodle server poll results, discussion
Andy, Rhonda, Vic
Moodle server survey results are here.

Andy & Rhonda recommended that the AEA hosts the server as opposed to the DE. The rationale for this is that there will be less hurdles to update over time.

Vic mentioned the possibility of hosting the server in the cloud to save on costs. Dr. Vittengl mentioned that a consideration would have to be we are not sure of what the future looks like, and whether there would be additional costs for supporting.

It was decided that each AEA would check with their internal technology staff to determine if there is any interest in hosting it locally (at their AEA). We will look at their feedback at our next meeting to determine which AEA will host the server.

It was also decided that the statewide system would reimburse the host AEA for the system administration costs, and that the project manager/instructional designers would oversee the registration issues. As part of the proposal for statewide positions, included in that would be secretarial support
Higher Education representation on, relationship with the council

Rhonda posed the question of what role higher education would play with our coucil. Sue shared that Arlie Willems, practitioner consultant for the DE, would be interested in participating. The council decided that Sue would extend an invitation to Arlie to participate in our meetings.

Sara McInerny mentioned that this would be an opportunity to have a discussion with regents institutions about offering credit. The council agreed.

The council will plan to meet with Arlie in December. The discussion will center around the following 4 topics:
1. Dual-credit option (can AEAs offer courses that participants can receive credit from regents institutions?)
2. What are there current offerings that are available?
3. What are partnerships we can create around future content development?
4. What are our institutions currently doing to prepare the teachers of tomorrow to be online learners?
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?

• Further planning around communication
• Report from sub-committee on different online pedagogy training options
• Discussion with Arlie Willems about partnerships with the regents institutions
• Decision about which AEA will host the Moodle server
• Next steps for statewide registration system for online courses