Agenda for Online Professional Development Work Session

Purpose Statement: As each AEA continues to search for ways to deliver quality professional development to educators, it is becoming more and more clear the need to use online courses as a delivery method at a greater rate. Online courses provide flexibility for the learner's schedule, conservation of driving time and money, and unique learning opportunities that face-to-face settings do not offer. If we partner together, it also allows us to overcome geography, so that educators can benefit from quality professional development created and delivered across the state.

To partner together and ensure that we have quality professional development, it is our goal to determine some common criteria we would use as a starting point to describe online courses. This includes 1) common requirements that each course proposal would contain, 2) common standards/criteria for determining quality online courses, and 3) common standards/criteria for determining quality online teaching. By doing this, we establish the common set of grounds for us to establish our online courses.

Expected Outcomes: • Familiarize participants of current context of online professional development and available resources
• Develop an action plan to determine online course proposal requirements, online course standards, and online teaching standards/requirements
• Schedule future meetings (if necessary) for work on the action plans

1. Update on the Statewide Online Committee, including overall vision
2. Introduce participants to iowaonlinelearning.wikispaces.com
3. Review the past online course guidelines (proposal requirements). Discuss what next steps would be needed, including work with the BOEE.
3a. Discuss the issue of "seat time" as it relates to online courses.
4. Examine sample online teaching standards and online course standards. Determine what role standards for these areas would have in our online professional development, including from the BOEE's perspective.

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