Review of agenda, Updates
Common understanding, Identification of additional items (Questions/Actions are listed below in red)

Evan & Others
Recording for the session is at:

Updates include
• Special Education Professional Development group (Evan)
Discussion with Gary Peterson from AEA 8. How online learning can be used in the scope of PD. They decided they would like PD around online learning, and create a facilitated online course as well as self-paced modules. They will take part in spring Ollie cohort. We are set to have another visit in January to talk about end goals. Conversation with others - local things done around IEPs. Director of Iowa Council of Exceptional Children - interested in finding out more about online learning opportunities - interested in developing some PD. Question about how that relationship will be since it's another professional organization. Maybe a discussion should be held about our work with professional organizations. At a future meeting this will be discussed more. There is a question about the intellectual property. Evan will follow up more specifically on what their interests are and will do it with Gary Peterson - and bring the information back to the group when we discuss this topic.

• Instructional Coaching (Deb)
Deb is continuing to work with the IC group. Meeting in Jan. as a statewide team to look at progress. Goal is to create online module PD for both AEA consultants as well as teachers. We have several areas working with this - Deb is taking the material they have created and putting into lesson builder modules. Indication is we are going to be ramping up design work this spring.

• OLLIE (Evan)
Cohorts going through sequence - cohort 1 & 2. Currently going through facilitation courses. Going well. 29 in course. Cohort of Ollie courses going on this spring. Using grant dollars to pay for license credit. Hoping to have groups from statewide teams go and take the courses. Catalog courses for Ollie available too. Not on statewide server yet because approval has not been formally received. Cohort 4 will be in summer for UENs. Almost finished with development of 1 credit course Intro to Online Learner. Kickoff course for whole Ollie series. Long-term it would be a course for administrators and counselors to see where students should be placed. Becky Mather created.

• Intel (Sue & Evan)
We have 2 courses now that are finished. Project Based Approaches Course and 21st Century Assessment Course. Group of Train the Trainers going through facilitation course. Hoping to have them look at 2nd course as well. 12 people going through Train the Trainer. If others are interested - will look at offering again this spring. Peter Holly's work being putting into sections. Print manuals were not being used - CD's were being used. Wanted to be able to link work from Peter Holly to that CD - and that took a lot of time. It will turn out well. Summit will be held end of January. Sue will be attending and learning from other states that are doing the same thing. March - send people for senior training. People from AEAs will be chosen to also attend the training. People who went to training in May are considered Master Trainers.

• Technology Task Force (Gwen)
Update given in January. Gwen has been working with TTF - state board wanted her to come back with data of what would be required for Iowa to create a virtual school. Statewide school model and consortium model.

• Google (Andy)
AEA 10 created online course around google apps. Have finished up course proposal for that. That online course will be offered this spring.

• IACTE (Evan & Kris Crabtree-Groff)
Kris has been invited to be a part of the online council. Hopes to start in January. IACTE - back in spring Arlie and Evan visited with reps about what AEAs were doing. There was interest from some institutions of working with them talking about common interests and partnerships. We need to get to a point where PD around online learning is tailored to the subject it is. First steps will be to train in general theory.
Transition Process Update
Inform, Discuss
• Registration System -
Items to be determined before the registration system can be completed
1. Fees (see below)
2. Max/Min participants (see below)
3. Cancellation dates (see below)
4. Viterbo processes
5. Instructor packet
6. P.O's from districts
7. Evaluation section of course proposal
8. Course evaluation survey

Registration system is pretty much finished and ready to go. What reports are wanted from the new system. Would like ability to look up reports on how many of their teachers have registered for and completed a course- breakdown to subject area as well as credit type. Course evaluations access also requested. Still looking at determining fee structure. Meeting in Jan. with Turbo. Instructor packet - information and directions for instructors to send out. Looking to make that digital. What will be policy with POs from districts. Sharon thinks we decided that all districts in the state could use POs. The business manager is checking to see about restrictions that may exist regarding POs from districts not in AEA 11. There was previous talk that credit cards would be convenient. There was concern about additional man hour costs in dealing with POs. Our intent right now is that we will find out more info about POs - Lori can release it without that functionality for POs but it can be added later. We want to be consistent with POs from all districts if that option is available. On course proposal - opportunity for sample text - we need end of course evaluation survey. Right now looking at what is currently asked on survey and adding things in to fit online learning. Big item - importance on rigor and relevance with Iowa Core and Administrators on measuring effectiveness in classrooms. How do we evaluate Rigor of class - one component of evaluation survey. Question about formative assessment - same thing but goes out from the instructor while the course is going on - could do that within the programming system - or could do some training or create common formative assessments and put in moodle. Talked about how to evaluate - utilizing and having teachers do a course evaluation - observations - have a licensed renewal coordinator go in and observe.

• Advisory Council - The advisory council is meeting on Wednesday, January 5 to go over final details for the application for the BoEE. Subcommittees have been meeting to discuss different policies related to the statewide system. Their work can be seen here.
4 subcommittees working and have met. 1 on instructor and course expectations; 2 on fees and reg issues; 3 on technology and support; 4 on evaluation
Look at recommendations January 5 and then go to board on Jan 20 with proposal.

Moodle Server -
Ready to import courses. Server is developed, modules installed, users imported. Started locally - teachers for Heartland will start to put on statewide system. Holding off for BoEE approval. Two templates at present with goal for more (basic and Ollie). Talked about consistency with moodle servers. The template made can be taken and applied to a local server to provide the consistency. If assistance is needed with your own moodle server, Evan will be happy to help. Goal is -- menu across the top of template - multiple templates available - all look and function the same - the banner across the top will specify the course. An Iowa Core template can also be created to help simplify what is currently being used. Evan has invited the IC PD subgroup to attend the next meeting in January to talk about Iowa Core PD in general.

• 28E - Rough draft of the agreement is finished and distributed to chief administrators to peruse. The Chiefs will be presenting the 28E to their boards in January. The Governance Council will meet on Tuesday, 12/21, and in January to look at the pricing structure for the system.

They have asked Evan for a one page synopsis of what the 28E agreement says. Governance council is 5 members = online counsel rep; rep from internal tech dept; rep from chief admin; rep from business managers; and rep from host AEA. 3 main tasks - funding structure; governing councils rules and regulations; intellectual property.
Business managers are meeting in February and will be asked - when an instructor is an consultant from an AEA - does Heartland pay them directly, or would the consultant's AEA pay the teacher and Heartland reimburse. Also looking at 28E. The chiefs will not hire for anybody until a funding structure is established that is self sustaining. What could happen is the governance council could meet and agree to get the registration system up and going - and then come up with funding structure.

Pricing Structure
The course fee sub-group of the Advisory Council met and proposed the following fees for the statewide system
1. Instructor fee = $800/credit
2. Cost for license renewal credit = $85/credit
3. Cost for graduate credit = University credit + $85. Morningside = $125 ($40 + $85).
4. Minimum participants = 10
5. Maximum participants = 20
6. Cancellation fee = $10 prior to 2 wks before class, $20 prior to 1 wk after beginning of class, no refund afterwards

Hard to come up with consensus - let the governance council take a look and come up with what is best. $800 - thought behind that is that figure is on the high end of what is currently being paid. To be profitable - $85 for credit needs to be charged.
FICA and IPERS considerations are not considered in these costs.
Morningside $40 charge per credit; Drake $70 per credit; Turbo - $75
Morningside has sent out new info - in addition to the 15 hours per credit - would also have 30 hours outside of class per credit as well - looking to see if they are in compliance. Might have to be considered and amended.
Inform, Discuss
Trista Peitzman & Bryan Bauer
Trista will showcase some of the current Teacherline offerings and other projects of IPTV (such as the Digital Learning Library). We will discuss the possible use & partnership of IPTV for the statewide system.

Trista has worked for IPTV for 11 years - previous taught in elementary. She works with Raising Readers initiative.
Teacherline courses have been successful in Iowa.
Could AEA PD online work with IPTV to offer Teacherline courses?
There is no cost to the AEA online to have the IPTV info on the site. Relicensure credit- PBS teacherline - Iowa teachers could go to site and register - and once into the course offered - choose to take for graduate or relicensure credit. Would be a nice way to provide options to Iowa teachers.
IPTV asked Drake if they would like to be a national credit provider - Drake likes the courses but didn't want to be a national credit provider.
Two different levels - national and local.
How would Morningside look at a course to know if they want to offer it? Have access online to the courses and have instructors looking at them to determine.

Next step for us - subcommittee of us to visit with Trista to look more indepth at what is available.
Are the courses "customizable" - can take content and add for instance.
Raising Readers courses link is available.
Price for courses
Raising readers courses - $145 ea 15 hr course;
PBS teacherline fee: educator $265 - 15 hr; $295 - 30 hr; $345 - 45 hr course

Suggestion - what would you say to a group working with Trista to look at the courses in terms of instructional design, etc.? Consensus was that it is a good opportunity to look at the offerings and prioritize. The people asked to review would need to have some direct knowledge of the Iowa Core. Bottom line - want to give content experts an opportunity to look at it.

Tiffany -
Digital Learning Library - public media - best of the best of PBS stations. Part of pilot test - offered access to the data of DLL to 200 teachers nationwide - 15 Iowa teachers. PBS evaluated - formal report comes in 2 weeks and data will be used to know how to move forward with the DLL. So far input has been positive. DLL - audio, video, interactives - similar to Teachers Domain. You can search, download, remix, and share. Target audience is the teachers. Vision is that teachers have 24/7 access and PBS stations will have a locally branded service.
Example of use: Video created on IC - submitted to DLL and available only to Iowa teachers.
EduVision fits the need immediately; DLL is coming - not available yet.
One purpose of ARRA grant is to create access to content - this is an opportunity for us. One thing to examine is the ease of taking content from DLL and put into Moodle.
The media directors have been informed of the DLL. The DLL is still being developed.
Teacher's Domain and DLL differences - teacher's domain is more mature in services offered; DLL is a sort, sift, find. Teacher's Domain currently has more resources. Some of Teacher's Domain has been incorporated into the DLL. Training would be offered in implementing the DLL if IPTV becomes a part of DLL.
Feel free to contact Tiffany or Bryan for more information.
ARRA Update
Inform, Discuss, Next Steps
Nancy, Vic
ARRA has 3 primary goals - PD; purchasing of content - credit (component) recovery content has been purchased; repository items. Nancy is looking at Inrock materials. The repository is making content accessible and usable. The Media Service Directors discussed preferred model to develop statewide system. Statewide moodle installation. Districts wouldn't have to manage at a local level - would be managed at statewide level. Looked at local firm - looked at Remote Learner. Consensus is Remote Learners is best seen so far. A different model would be a statewide repository.
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?
Items on the next agenda include:
Mid-year look at 2010-11 Council Goals
1. Transition to a statewide system with centralized offerings available for all educators
2. Gain approval as a license renewal credit provider, setting specific policies and procedures to guide the statewide system.
3. Plan for continuous funding and sustainability of online learning program
4. Establish quality assurance and evaluation procedures for the statewide system offerings
5. Implement an ongoing, comprehensive system of training and support to develop capacity to teach online
6. Implement a systemic plan for communication, marketing, and advocacy
7. Work with statewide partners to create common vision for online learning in Iowa

Statewide Instructional Design Positions

Iowa Core
Add updates from group looking at Teacherline courses.