Review of agenda, Updates
Common understanding, Identification of additional items (Questions/Actions are listed below in red)

Evan & Others
Recording for this meeting:

Updates include:
• Evaluator Training (Evan)
Jt directors visited with Matt Ludwig about training. Did not receive a firm date as to when that would be ready. Evan's been working with the designers of the training. 2 courses
1 eval for admin - 1 eval for teachers. Evan will go over content for admin week of March 7. Registration system should be running by then - courses offered anytime after spring break. Discuss who will be teaching courses. Evan will email when he has more information. No understanding about waivers for need to renew right away - if there is an issue, Matt will deal with them individually.

• Iowa Core PD (Evan)
Talked at last meeting about what team would like to do. Lynn and Evan joined with them and discussed different options. There is a high interest in that group in establishing virtual communities of practice. A digital space where people could interact - sharing of ideas, resources. Ability to have live virtual sessions. Talked about what model classroom 2.0 has done. The group would like to do something similar. It would take a lot of coordination to get to that stage. Need for facilitators - facilitators that have an understanding of the goal of that group, the ability to make people feel welcome, and to have time to dedicate to this. Lots of talent in the state for this. The cohort in Ollie has 50 people going through instructional design course. A matter of prioritizing it and dedicating the time. Will additional staff need to be hired? Or a matter of replacing some of the things consultants do now to make room in their schedule. Idea of communities of practice is advantageous and represents something to aspire to.

Communities of Practice is moving forward. Math, Reading, Science, Soc St - working with established groups and working to recruit teachers. Meeting March 2. Decision made on how to develop the communities of practice? Nancy is trying to do the comm of practice with the teachers who are teaching online for the first time. As she gets content and training prepared for the teachers, she wants that to continue so they have ongoing support. That idea coordinates with the Iowa Core idea. A prof from Harvard is coming in April to talk about the concept of comm of practice and how they function and how to establish those. There will be some crossover with the people Nancy is pulling together and the Iowa core recommendations. Rita King works for IBM - does leadership - she put together a proposal for Nancy to consider around the comm of practice idea. The tech piece is going to take time to develop. Need to figure out what that entails soon. Do we know how future maintenance will be funded?
Nancy will do some followup. Evan will be visiting with jt directors at the April meeting and prioritizing of needs for the online council. Lynn will keep the conversation going with the Iowa Core team.

• Instructional Coaching (Deb)
Met face to face with instructional coaches across the AEAs. They previously submitted content for 8 modules they are trying to develop. Discussion held around how that content translates to online modules. March will meet again with a hope of a final version by middle of May. Wrap around some online learning activities - interacting with other participants - over the summer. If a district would like to have the instructional coaching piece be a part of PD - this course would be available to be offered.

• State Board of Directors & K-12 Online Learning (Gwen)
Gwen - a group called tech task force to talk about what was happening in the state. Talked about online learning. Discussions for months. Presented the White Paper to the board last summer. They identified priorities for this year - online learning, competency based learning and communication. What would it take to make Iowa Learning Online a Florida Virtual School? January 27 Gwen presented to them what it would take structurally and financially. At end of meeting, presented 4 recommendations--
Dept of Ed will coordinate a PK -20 portal for Iowa online opportunities
DE will expand capacity of Iowa online
DE will provide both supplemental and fulltime online opportunities
DE will collaborate with DE in other states to develop implementation
What's the timeline. If had the money, people and clearance - could be just a matter of months.
Decision made that the money is not available right now, but should move ahead in planning what it would take. Kevin reported to media directors that a group would be put together SAI, ISEA, IASB, and business councils, AEAs, to try and determine parts in this to make it successful. Rumor -Governor would like to have an education summit end of summer and a special legislature session following that. Goal is to have everything in place by then. May be a good time to ask for the money.
Do we have capacity to operate fulltime online opportunity? Hire an outside online charter to do it? Two or more districts in the state be designated to offer opportunities?
Need to figure out what works best for Iowa.
Wants a small group to work on this.
Range of options for the fulltime students - thought of preference for that model? Maybe a variety of those options. Consider quality, teacher prep and aligning with Core.
Florida - they pay their teachers based on the successful completion rate of their students. They monitor phone calls, emails, to keep a watchful eye on that. Might be a model to consider. Is not a way now to monitor quality - need to determine how to monitor. Legalities need to be considered.

• Ed Service/Jt Directors (Evan)
On the agenda at April meeting. At that meeting will be prioritizing the different items for our work in the future - Iowa Core - 103B training.

• Spring Visits (Evan) - emails will be sent out. Decide who you want to be included in the meeting. Focus on your AEA at that meeting and things that you would like to do. Ollie, asst admin training, your agency's needs and what can be done to support that. SoftChalk has site licenses offered, Heartland has 20 licenses of Lesson Builder currently. They told Evan that Heartland could buy a site license for $8000. That's a good deal - lots of AEAs have invested in that - would like to check for cost for entire state. You can embed activities and interactive resources easily. Goal Evan would like to develop a brief training for consultants on that. Include ILO and DE on that.

3/9 Heartland
3/22 Mississippi Bend
3/28 Keystone
4/4 Prairie Lakes
4/5 or 4/6? Grant Wood
ARRA Update
Inform, Discuss
Nancy, Evan
Sustainability Analysis/Planning Spreadsheet
Sue Swartz - INTEL - attended INTEL teach summit. Meet with ITA's from all states involved. Opportunities to receive things free - ThinkFinity free course from New York was offered. INTEL - Transforming 1:1 Schools - strength is looks at individual PD plan and helps with implementing (face-to-face - on a DVD). Created an INTEL web page on DE website - under Educator Quality. Submitted impact report required by INTEL - 7 of 9 AEAs reported. Offer senior training in March - Deb Humpel and Amy Richmond. Deb and Amy will train in AEA 9 to train more master instructors this summer. AEAs and districts will be invited. INTEL will be aligned with Iowa Core - how to reimburse - grant will be re-written.
New guidelines re grad course offerings in July - INTEL course - discussion on how that will be reworked? We have asked Morningside, VIttero, Drake - how to structure? Waiting to hear back. Will share with advisory council at next meeting. Look at INTEL and Google - Ollie should be ok. Discussion about this process with license renewal coordinators - big effort for continuity between AEAs . Drake offers EDEX - EDMA - towards grad degree. Ed service directors would like to make decision as a state. License renewal will stay as is.
Important to start thinking about sustainability. Nancy's contract ends May 12. Grant expires in September. Media directors want to start planning for sustainability. Where do the AEAs fit into the big picture. We have representing the AEAs - Nancy, Diane Jackson. Put together a rough draft - which groups might be picking up which things. AEAs in good position to provide prof dev and continue to do so. Grant provides repository of content - used term E-curriculum - offer blended courses, online courses. That content will have to be sustained. Someone to pay for maintenance and to oversee it. Continue to purchase licenses, etc. Need to develop content over time as needs come up. ILO work as well - offer courses, also help districts offer own courses (registration, marketing, tech support). See spreadsheet. 3rd column identifies who is doing the work at this time. Remember this is a rough draft - funding will be needed. Critical to have somebody to continue oversight that Nancy provides. Need to continue planning. Send any thoughts to Evan.

Brochure-1st draft to be shared with communication directors. To be handed out to superintendents. Finalized version - hope to be complete by next week. Discussion to change the logo. Suggestion - add something to the effect that local AEAs can also offer assistance. Distribute to media services directors to look out. Also include IPTV? Maybe add go to 1:1 schools? Action plan - Rhonda sending to media service directors now - calling it a draft - asking for immediate feedback.
Nancy working on repository -the bucket - the content - want the bucket to be accessible to people - integrated with Moodle - written up RFP. Nancy, Evan, Brian and Tiffany met and heard proposals from Agelics (Brain Honey). Teachers could log in and use courses within Brain Honey. Could create course and could export to Moodle course. Looked at process - it looked fairly easy. Still concerns. Nice that interface works well. Also proposal Aquila - company that makes databases and they don't do Moodle server hosting. A lot of states have used this - Florida, Utah, Kentucky... instead of putting content in it - it finds the different content out there and points links to it. The database is searchable. Could work with databases like Atomic Learning and other resources from Iowa AEA online. Can go to free resources - then when you have your moodle server - add in Aquila resource - appears into your course. Could still do Moodle posting - works for districts that already have their Moodle server set up. Costs for maintaining $50,000 initial $250,000. Pricing model for Brain Honey is by teacher. Could still use it. The Remote Learner can work with Aquila. Looking at the possibilities... RFP -would like a webinar. Look at North Carolina as an example of how it could work.

Transition Update
Inform, Discuss
• Governance Council
Meeting end of January for fee structure. Governance council would like to look at other options. Course participants of 10-20. Concern of cost when someone cancels. Internal costs - 7 people touch the cancellation - multiply by 9 for instance - almost worth it to run the class as a loss than to cancel it. Proposed having a sliding scale that would work for lower number of class participants. Don't want to go over 20 participants - and don't want to go too low. We settled at 6 being the ultimate low. Reality is that a lot of courses that are canceled at Heartland is at the 8-9 range. Fee schedule is designed - cost for instructor, benefits, overhead, participants. Factor $677 to support ongoing costs.

• Advisory Council
Met this week - good meeting. Talked about the governance council updates. The host AEA would collect fees from participants directly. If teacher from different AEA - i.e. Grant Wood would pay instructor and the host AEA would reimburse that AEA (Grant Wood) directly. There were some concerns - business managers were in agreement with that process. Concern with doing this with LEAs as well. Concern that the LEA may not agree to that.

• Registration System
Waiting for decision on fees.
Work in progress.

• Website
Communication Directors - they are excited and supportive. Will do a lot of work with website. Suggestion to add INTEL to the flow chart under Elements.

What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?
What will the charges be for the trainings? Further discussions will be held. The governance council asked Evan to put together a spreadsheet of numbers - if we do this model - charge - participants etc. Evan will include online council on email.
PK20 committee update.