Expected Outcome
Review of agenda, Announcement

Common understanding, Identification of additional items
• Project Manager transition process, home visits.
Communication Plan update
• Update on licensure renewal coordinators
Current projects

Evan will be contacting each member to set up meetings in person. Fact finding for Evan. See link transition process. Communication plan update. Evan will meet with Beth and Jennifer from 267 and Great Prairie in March. Andy did a great job with that. After presentations this morning, get update on license renewal coordinator. Listing of current projects here - see link. ICC module - been working on this, hopefully ready March 12. Atomic Learning module - Toy Waterman is creating. AIM and UDL - Steve and Evan will meet, look at content, look at how to utilize. Will discuss more at March meeting.
Examine RFPs to Host Statewide Online System, Update on Statewide Position Search
Inform, Discuss, Next Steps (or recommendation)

Each group will get 45 minutes to present.

Sharon Kurns introduced Heartland's Information System Manger Lori Thelen, registration secretaries Carol Naylor, Andrea Krier, Kathy Bringle. Estimated that Heartland registered 65,000 for online classes last year. Heartland built own registration system. Lori explained 11's current system for course proposal. Explained how to search the catalog, and how to find information on the course. Lori showed how to register for a course. Option to pay by PO or credit card. This system has a group registration feature. Showed how to search by instructor. Options - send participants email through the system, view evaluations for course. Mandatory Trainings - showed how it worked with the registration system. Administration items - cancellations are handled by phone calls to the registration secretaries and they do the cancellations. There is an option to transfer the funds for a new class. Activity Proposals - shows what information is needed to set up activity. The report options were reviewed. Arletta Dawson explained the infrastructure. Heartland is in process of building secure server data center site, should be ready July 1. Heartland has 450 mgs of bandwith. Back end data base is 4th Dimension. SQL accessible. Auto Cash Receipting - back end is web-based - uploads are handled from interface. Participants receive official transcripts by mail from Heartland. Would not be a problem to adapt the online course proposals to this system. System is easily modified by Heartland staff. What support is available for instructors/students - 5 PD staff members offer support. Tech staff - 6 programmers that work on the UR. No after hours tech support currently, but option could be considered. Internal tech support staff of 12-14 that could help during business hours. Heartland is just about ready to launch a new website that is more user friendly.

Sherry/Greg/Tammy introduced Grant Wood system. Link from homepage to PD. Courses/Workshops that offers chronological list or topic list. Showed online registration procedure. Showed payment options - PO or credit card/paypal. Refund requests by email. Registration support - 2 registrars on site during business hours. Instructor site - register into the system the same as participants. The list of courses under the registration page - lists the entire list of offered courses. Instructor tab - by courses, by enrollment, by dates. Can view complete roster, send emails, will graph responses, instructors can design their survey or use preset options. Attendance and grades are paper-based at this point. Administration site - look up participation information, courses available, reports options. Instructors cannot see demographics of participants. Using Java script and html - cold fusion. Support for users of system - 2 registrars during business hours, dedicated voicemail line, in process of moving toward total online system. Support for students during courses - tech support staff, programmers on site, instructor provides support during class as well. There is not a remote access for students for technology help at this time. Paypals SSL is used, secure server. Should registration go down, is there a back up in place? Test server as well as live server - can be restored to test server as backup. Number of registrations last year - 10,000+. Bandwith to internet 550 mgs. Not a huge number of online courses currently offered.

AEA 9 system - Cindy Swanson - George Gilmore, Rob H - from SolutionWhere also presenting. 3-4 PD staff, 3-4 trained in Moodle. SolutionWhere is located in Michigan. In 35 states - 409,000 registrations last month. Software is customizable. System requires User ID and password. Can view courses by locations, by category, by month, by position. is used for payment security. Participants can un-register themselves with this system, refund policy is not automated. Showed reports options, evaluation options, email options. They are currently set up for online courses. Instructors maintain their own bio. Instructor can view participant information and course list. When course completed, pdf file available for transcripts. Solutionwhere supports the system. Support available during business hours. AEA 9 is able to handle most of the necessary support. If state requires a template for moodle, is it possible to do that - George says we set up the moodle as we need it. Changes - $10,000 the first year for unlimited set up/limited registration? Custom programming and reports available. $7600 year for unlimited registrations - 2nd year. Includes server space, service contract, 3 hrs telephone support. To look at course catalog - you do not have to register first. Syllabus system - can be on any server, include link in course description, syllabus can also be housed in the moodle course room. Support help - 4 special development dept. (includes 1 Solutionwhere staff), IT dept., 3 moodle instructors, business hours. AEA 9 registrations for the year - about 10,000.

Next Steps: Brian suggested asking AEAs involved to submit the costs involved. We need to come back to a meeting for more discussion. Costs and time management need further discussion. Brian will gather information and coordinate meeting time with AEAs not bidding. Katie - Great Prairie, Rhonda 1, Sandy 8, Barb NW, Judy 13, Kathy 14. Evan will contact 9, 10, 11 with costs and time frame and additional charges for creation of features not already there. Evan will have them email information to Brian.
Common Instructor Training Sequence: Feedback from Teacher Training Institutions, Discussion with BOEE
Inform, Discuss, Next Steps
Arlie, Evan, Geri McMahon

Subcommittee looked at training for instructors - statewide. Develop a sequence of courses. Frame of reference from Drake. 4 required courses offered by AEA - Introduction to the online learner, facilitation in an online course, instructional design for online course, assessment and evaluation in online courses. 15 hours of credit - required to take 7 credit hrs from AEA, then electives to get to 15 hrs. Subcommittee suggested a hybrid similar to this. Content developed by statewide team, but different AEAs provide instruction. Would help promote that it is a statewide system. Arlie was contacting the state universities, but she is not in attendance today. We will get her information at the March meeting.

Geri McMahon - questions about where we want all this to go. Endorsement now are all content based, not delivery based. Not sure if BOEE would want to add endorsement for delivery based. Criteria in place for offering renewal credit. Each AEA decides what qualifications are for instructor. AEA has to be sure instructor meets the criteria. Changing the Prof Ed Core - what every teacher has to know and do to get very first license. BOEE requires different renewal requirements. Suggestion that group might want to develop a proposal as a group to present to BOEE that you want teachers to go through to require integrating technology or something like that. Looking at what other states are requiring is a process the BOEE goes through. Data collected on what other states are doing would be beneficial for Geri to report back to co-workers. There will be certain times this group would like a representative from the BOEE in attendance, but not on a regular basis at this time. Guidelines for online learning/teaching that equated to 15 hrs. still stands - questions that maybe this needs to be revised. Difficult to know what time is involved with an online activity to equal 15 hrs. Establish an endorsement - for accreditation purposes - anyone teaching in that area needs to be properly licensed. Everyone teaching online has to have an endorsement for the school district to keep accreditation. An endorsement is locked in and needs to be made flexible. Next BOEE meeting is in June. Check timesheet guidelines to the left of the wiki. December 2008 meeting could be point of reference. Brian would like clarification with what expectations are from BOEE.

Grandfathering individuals in - questions to consider. How do you validate the quality.
Report on Joint Directors Online Committee, ARRA funds
Report, Discuss
Evan, Rhonda, Vic
ARRA grant - Grant created by the AEAs is looking to create online learning opportunities - grant money available for school districts to go through training. Funds for creating a portal where content could be placed - statewide moodle server. Move forward as a system to provide content together, but also districts can share and post/share courses - move towards a consortium of schools. Rep from each AEA present at that meeting.
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?

Brian will be in touch with AEAs not presenting today. Evan will be contacting each AEA for a face to face meeting.

Items on the March agenda include
• Communication Plan
• Project Manager Expectations