Review of agenda, Updates
Common understanding, Identification of additional items (Questions/Actions are listed below in red)
Recording of Meeting -

1. Director Update
• Chiefs - Budget
  • The budget for this year was created a year ago December
  • A 0% growth was anticipated
  • Our budget for next year was created in December 2012
  • We have now experienced approximately $700,000 surplus
  • Joe Crozier is interested in working with the legislatures to offer our services out of state
  • If this happens, we could market our Training System out of state also
  • With the surplus should we look at raising pay for instructors and for our programmer
  • We do have instructors create courses
    • We could look at paying the instructor for the course and pay other instructors to teach them
    • Take a look at compensation for Project Manager and the other members of the team.
    • Looking at having Instructional Designers on staff year long
  • Possibility of looking at a "toolkit"
    • Tools that we support, we currently have Moodle, SoftChalk, etc
    • It has been brought up that we add EduVision to this toolkit
    • There will be another EduVision training this spring at Grant Wood
    • Keystone will also be offering the EduVision training this spring
• Ed Service
  • Discussions around how CoPI works with the statewide leadership teams
  • Want to be part of the "newsletter" distribution
  • Evan will include Judith, Deb, Yvette, Brad, Colleen, Rita are on the committee and will start receiving the monthly updates from Evan
• Special Ed - IEP modules
  • Evan has been working with David Happe's group
  • Professional Development for instructors
  • They are trying to go beyond compliance and concentrate on Best Practices
• Media - Eduvision, Blackboard, ITIP/Iowa AEA Online alignment
  • Evan has been working with Clayton from EduVision
    • Each AEA has their own portal for EduVision
    • AEA PD Online has a channel through Heartland's portal
    • There is a new took called Relay, it is a Cantasia product
    • Through this relay you can make a video through this product and share immediately
  • Our experience with BlackBoard has not been very positive
• DE-Chiefs Task Force for K-12 Online Learning
  • One need in schools is credit recovery
  • More discussion on this topic is needed
  • Chiefs are looking to help out districts in this aspect

2. CoPI
• March 28 - Recruitment
  • This meeting will be held virtually statewide
• Counseling CoPI
  • Sue Schirmer has been doing a lot of work
  • A group of counselors are coming together to build online courses for students
  • One of the main focuses on I Have A Plan Iowa
  • The group has brainstormed several ideas for online courses
  • Meetings are:
    • February 22
    • March 13
    • April 16
  • This is up an running
  • Evan has a list of things that need to be worked on
  • All steering committee members have access

3. Iowa Learns (formerly Equella)
  • Brian Bower is overseeing the work on the Schema
  • We are looking at other groups being part of the Stem council
  • We are looking at development of material for students that will fit within Equella
  • Looking at July 1 as roll out date; April or May for demos
4.AEA PD Online Live (Statewide - Develop/Design/Deliver)
• Moodle Moments
  • Quick recordings about Moodle
• Nanogong
  • Will be recorded and available
• Creating a Course Proposal
  • Live event scheduled for February 19, 2013
If you have other items that you would like to appear on this channel, please let Evan know.

5. Trainings
• TPACK, HIPAA, Harassment
  • These trainings will be live on February 15
• Interviewing
  • Will be available at a later date
• Feb 15 - Server is down
  • We will be moving several trainings from the test server to the live server
• Overview video
  • Evan will be working on a video to send to each contact person

6. Spring Visits
  • Yearly visits that have become a tradition for Evan to come and meet
  • If you would like to meet virtually, please let Evan know
  • Not sure how many of the team will come, but will make an effort
Current Issues, Input Sought from Council

1. Bacon-Wrapped Lessons?
  • How does this fit with Iowa Learns?
  • Will there be a second database running out there?
  • What is the intended outcome of this product?
  • How are they looking to share?

2. Template for Units, Rubrics for Quality (drafts)

  • These are steps to evaluate the course itself
  • We would like to offer quality courses
  • One concern is that the standards are covered in the OLLIE courses, how do we refresh ourselves on the Standards?
  • Do we need a quality assurance review of our courses?
  • The objective is not evaluative, but to make improvements to the course
  • This information has not been shared with Drake, she is not evaluative at all
  • There are four pages to the template
    • This is taken directly from what was originally put together by IPTV
    • We did want to create categories that would allow the Instructional Designer to place directly into the course
    • There is an omission of the lesson parts
    • We have to hope that the template will change over time
3. Seminar

4. Crisis Response Training
  • Evan would like to create a training on Crisis Response
  • Has been on the forefront since Sandy Hook tradegy
  • There is was group from Homeland Security
    • Documents that were put out to districts
    • Dustin Gean from Heartland was on that group
    • We would like to work with that group to discuss type of information that we need to put out
    • Have not heard back from Mike to set up a meeting
  • What are the needs for this training?
  • What information should be included?
  • Who do we contact?
  • If there is something out there that can be purchased, we would seriously look into purchasing this information.
  • Suggested to include videos
  • Evan will speak with Hans Hansen and Jim Verlengia regarding the training
  • We don't know if what was created was to fulfill a mandate

5. Personalized Learning CoPI, "CoPI" Confusion
  • We have a policy statement that lays out who can participate in CoPI, but there is not an application process to becoming a participant
  • Who in the AEA's are involved
  • If we are going to have space allocated in our Agora to outside participants, it would be approved by the Online Council
    • We would like to create a go to place in Agora for the communities
  • Is there some confusion about CoPI and where do groups fall?
    • AEA PD Online-online professional development
    • AEA K-12-schools to provide online learning
  • When Lisa set this up, she had a class and set up a community
    • The question is can the community be housed and supported by AEA PD Online?
    • If an AEA would like to set up a community, they can do that because we are not the police
    • For visibility sake, we are looking for a way to offer the community through AEA PD Online so that the community can be seen statewide

6. Intel
Transition over to AEA PD Online for oversight of the grant
$27,000 for remainder of year 2 grant
• Airfare to the February 25-27 ITA Summit for up to four persons - $2000
• Strategic planning and Year 3 Intel Teach Grant development - $1500
• Instructional design support to implement Elements: Designing Blended Learning - $1500
• Instructor honorarium ($1500) and Master Instructor Stipends (10x$300) for Designing Blended Learning - $4500
• Instructor honorarium ($1500) and Master Instructor Stipends (10x$300) for Inquiry in the Science Classroom - $4500
  • This course has been downloaded and placed on the Moodle server
• Instructional design support to add Iowa Core to Elements online courses - $2500
  • Iowa Core materials are in the cloud
• Instructional design support to infuse Elements modules in other professional development courses - $2500
  • It is just a link because the Intel material is off-site
  • Content from Intel is still Flash based; will find out at the conference to make them html based
• Instructional design support to infuse Intel tools in statewide K-12 e-curriculum - $5000
• Marketing and promotion of updated changes and additional offerings - $500
• Indirect costs related to the items above - $2,672.39

7. Statewide Moodle Hosting

  • Evan will be working with Lance Wilhelm regarding this topic
What needs to be communicated?
Future agenda items?

Agenda items:
  • Updates from Directors
  • CoPI meeting announcement
  • Science steering committee meeting on Monday
  • Update on Intel for more discussion
  • More discussion on the CoPI group and how Personalized Learning is going
  • Subgroups to look at the Teaching Rubric and Moodle Hosting