Notes from meeting 4/3/07

Expected Outcome
Follow Up:
Who? What? When?
Agenda Review
· Silent Review
Clarity and Change, as necessary
5 minutes

Report from Chief Administrator Meeting
Discussion and decisions on future directions

Sharon updated the group on the conversation with the Chief Administrators. They supported the three actions identified. They requested that support for the core be added. They also indicated that they want the group to go broader and make decisions about commercial products also. They also requested that Brent stay involved. We determined the need to have collaborative meetings with partners. Teacherline will be the first group invited to our next meeting. Sharon will contact Kevin Fangman about DE representation on the committee. The CAs would like a budget to be submitted. At this time the budget will include IEP online and mandatory training updates.
IEP Online
Recommend process for completion

The group agreed to have an IEP course ready by fall. It may not be the final product but the need to have PD online for fall IEP implementation was recognized. Each AEA is asked to submit names to Sharon for individuals to serve on the group. Gene Behrens and Brian Ulrich volunteered to facilitate. They will meet for a full day on May 29th and three days in June. The group will review content and include meaningful learning activities. If more review is needed they will work in July. The AEA 11 prototype will serve as the basis. Each participant will receive the URL and an assignment before the first meeting. Sharon will send participants information. The Council will meet on the same day in May and a joint meeting will occur.
Mandatory Training
Recommend process for review
Gene Behrens
20 minutes

There was not time to talk much about this. It was suggested that Sharon include the money to update the system in the budget. Please note that some of our polycom participants had signed off before this conversation occurred. Please let Sharon know if you have concerns about this. The review process will be addressed at the next meeting.
Every Child Counts Online

Recommend process for review and training for instructors

This project will be addressed at a future meeting.
Meeting Schedule
Determine meeting schedule for 08-09
10 minutes

The group will meet at 1:00 on May 29th. The IEP workgroup will have met the same day. Sharon will use meeting wizard to lay out a schedule of meetings for 08-09. We will meet once per month.

Notes from meeting 2/28/08

AEA System Online Learning Council
Date: February 28th
Time: 1:00
Location: Heartland AEA Computer Lab

AEA 1 Rhonda Sheeley
AEA 267 Brian Unruh
AEA 8 Sandy Spangler

AEA 9 Becky Mather

AEA 10 Kathy Dulle
NWAEA Barb Chambers
AEA 11 Sharon Kurns
AEA 14 Kathy Lockard

GPAEA Katie Gavin
AEA 13 Judy Griffin

Brent Siegreist

The Online Learning Council was formed at the direction of the AEA Chief Administrators. Each member was appointed by his/her Chief Administrator. Brent Siegriest, facilitated the first two sessions of the group. Sharon Kurns, AEA 11, has been asked to take over facilitation. She is looking for a volunteer to co-facilitate.

At the February meeting the purpose of the group was reviewed and a proposal for future work was developed. This proposal will be provided to the Chief Administrators at the earliest opportunity in order to ensure their commitment and support. It is as follows.

Purpose of the Council
· To develop a statewide system for development of content for online learning related to statewide efforts and mandates by determining the vision and managing the process
· To ensure content of online learning is consistent with effective learning practices and state initiatives/mandates
· To develop a single source (website) of online learning opportunities for all AEAs
· To work with the board of examiners to determine credit requirements for content developed under the direction of the council
· To pool resources and avoid duplication of efforts for online content development across each AEA
· To prioritize content needs
· To determine feasibility of development of new content

Duties of Council Members
1) Identify and secure time of staff from respective AEAs with expertise for specific projects
2) Work with Chief Administrator of respective AEAs to secure financial support for specific projects
3) Determine level of training for instructors and/or support “train the trainers” sessions for content developed under the direction of the Council
4) Determine ‘class’ structure and appropriate use of the content
5) Determine fee structures/instructor pay
6) Determine requirements for credit

Initial Projects
1) Online Mandatory Training (Child Abuse, Blood Born Pathogens, OSHA)
Heartland AEA developed and hosts several mandatory trainings online. These are available to all AEAs and educators across the state. They currently need review and potential updates of content and infrastructure. It will likely involve a commitment of representatives from AEAs and financial support to implement the upgrades determined by the group.

2) Online IEP and Special Education Procedures
The Council identified this as a high need area. Several AEAs have already begun work on this content. All content will be taken from the state procedures manual. Collaboration with the DE will be required to make sure content is accurate. Time of Special education staff from AEAs will be needed to review content. Professional Development and technology support may also be needed.

3) Mathematics
AEA 267 has developed online content that is supportive of Every Child Counts. It is online learning that requires interaction and collaboration. It is currently designed for middle school teachers. The Council believes this content would have a benefit if made available on a statewide basis. Again, time of AEA staff with expertise in mathematics, adult learning, and technology will be needed.

Questions for Chief Administrators
1) Will each AEA support (through time and financial resources) the projects identified by the Council?
2) Will the Chief Administrators support and assist the Council to collaborate with the Department of Education on work to develop online learning to support statewide efforts?

Notes from Summer 2007

Can we list all active online professional development courses on and then add a link in each AEA course catalog to that page? We would not want teachers to have to search every AEA when looking for an online course. We also do not want to update web pages any more than absolutely necessary.
I'm just trying to think of a logical central location to list courses, and provide a good way to let all Iowa educators know where to look. - brmather

Heartland AEA has online classes available to everyone statewide as of August 2007.
- Mandatory and non-mandatory trainings - Gene uses "Lesson Builder" from SoftChalk.

Other AEAs also have online classes, see our discussion page on that issue...

What if we pilot a class about the Web IEP? - how do you use the online version AND how do you write a good IEP? Training for new people? FAQs online.
Where can we post all available online classes? Does the originating AEA control costs, requirements, college credit, etc? What does the DE say about credit for online classes?