2011-12 Goals & Action Plans

2011-12 Goals:
1. Expand and diversify our current PD offerings
• Offer 300 courses Jan-Dec 2012
• Conduct a study on the current use of online communities and their effectiveness
• Develop a plan for systemic online community usage in the state
• Develop 5-10 new online trainings
• Implement new district administration features for online training system
• Create a structured webinar/synchronous PD system
• Develop content addressing the prioritized areas (see below)

2. Implement quality assurance procedures
• Implement a mentoring program for new instructors
• Collect data demonstrating effect of professional development on student achievement
• Establish no-cost OLLIE courses for instructors as ongoing professional development
• Expand current OLLIE offerings
• Implement evaluation instruments, including course walk-throughs and yearly instructor reflections
• Establish consistency measures in course, continuing on work developed the previous year
• Analyze data to make recommendations for program improvement

3. Determine and foster relationship to other groups and initiatives in Iowa
• Determine relationship to ARRA Ed Tech work
• Discuss with graduate institutions possible course partnerships for endorsements/licenses
• Determine criteria for graduate credit provider partners
• Determine partnerships with IASB, SAI, ISEA, and other providers

4. Continue implementing systemic plan of marketing and communication
• Re-define communication plan
• Utilize web 2.0 technology to market courses
• Update current website, identifying philosophy for the space
• Send out updates to AEAs for monthly newsletters

5. Assure funding self-sufficiency
• Implement current funding plan for online trainings
• Monitor revenue from online courses and make adjustments (if necessary) to heighten revenue
• Explore other revenue streams

Prioritized Professional Development Areas for 2011-12

  • Child Find
  • Cyberbullying /Digital Citizenship
  • PBIS
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Diversity/Cultural Competence
  • Iowa Core-Content/Alignment
  • RTI
  • Bus Driver
  • HIPAA & Other HR Trainings
  • Data Team Development