2013-14 Goals

1. Expand and diversify our current offerings

• Offer 500 PD courses Jan-Dec 2014
• Have 75% of offered courses run
• Target areas of needs for offerings
• Expand our e-curriculum catalog and usage of the e-curriculum
• Increase the number of seminar offerings
• Increase the number of functioning online communities in the Agora, including the amount of participation of Iowa teachers
• Develop 15 new online trainings to reach 50 total by August 2014
• Increase the number of Live! events and the amount of participation

2. Implement quality assurance procedures

• Implement supports for new instructors (mentoring, communities of practice)
• Collect data demonstrating effect of professional development at different Guskey levels
• Analyze data to make recommendations for program improvement
• Develop and implement a plan for course updates and improvements
• Analyze the end user experience for involvement in the system

3. Determine and foster relationship to other groups and initiatives in Iowa

• Explore partnership with IACTE, including AEA PD Online offerings (courses and trainings) for undergrad candidates, or for their faculty
• Determine partnerships with IASB, SAI, ISEA, STEM, and other providers
• Explore national partnerships with other groups (including other states)

4. Continue implementing a systemic plan of marketing and communication

• Re-define communication plan, including identifying key audiences, determining tools for communication, targeting a common message
• Create and deliver “high-end” advertisements overviewing services
• Continue to distribute communication through our chosen methods, including centralized website, web 2.0 technology, and digital newsletters

5. Monitor and manage the system to assure productivity and sustainability

• Create business plan for selling services out of state
• Operationalize and formalize a spectrum of onsite services to help districts transition to use our online services.
• Develop a growth model for the addition of staff, including technical support positions