License Renewal Coordinators - Information

Note: This landing page is targeted for the AEA license renewal coordinators in Iowa. It contains answers to frequent questions, as well as links to resources on this website that directly relate to licensure renewal.

• What courses go on the statewide system, and what courses are offered locally?
“Catalog” Courses, or courses where there is open registration for participants and where the instructor is being paid, will be on the statewide system

“Site-based” Courses, or courses where their registration is closed to only a select group (like a group of teachers from one school), and where the instructor is not being paid (i.e. they are working on contract time as part of their work), is the choice of the local AEA. If they do not feel comfortable supporting this work or approving an online course, the course may be run through AEA PD Online. However, if an AEA would like to keep the revenue for its local budget, they may do so as well.

“Hybrid” Courses, or courses that are part online and part face-to-face, are not on the statewide system (regardless of if they are “catalog” or “site-based”). Those would be handled through the AEA’s own registration system.

• Where do I send prospective teachers?
Our instructor's toolbox is located here. Deborah Humpal is our instructional designer overseeing instructor recruiting. Her contact information is, 515-270-9030 x14027

• Where do I send prospective students?
Our registration system is at

• Who approves the online courses?
Peggy Steinbronn ( will be approving online courses for the statewide system. She will also be available to provide assistance for you if you’d like for online site-based or hybrid courses (such as, for the determination of the 15 hours/credit).

• What is the workflow for reimbursing teachers?
On direction from the AEA Business Managers, the workflow goes like this:
1. A local AEA consultant fills out a course proposal, where she must indicate if she is an AEA employee, and from which AEA.

2. Once the proposal has been approved, an email goes out to the AEA local contacts informing them of the approval.

3. Once the course is finished and the grades have been submitted by the instructor, the AEA local contact will receive a second email, identifying the person and title of course, the base pay, and the amount of reimbursement for the agency. Note: Added in 2012, the email also includes a pre-filled invoice form.

4. The AEA pays the instructor the base pay for the course and invoices Heartland AEA (on behalf of AEA PD Online) for the reimbursement rate. The reimbursement rate is 120%, covering the costs of benefits (17%) and administrative overhead (3%). Heartland AEA then reimburses the local AEA.

• What is the pay for teachers of online courses? What is the reimbursement rate?
The rate is dependent on the number of credits and participants. Below are the rates PER CREDIT
# of participants
Base Pay

• What are the criteria for an online course? How do you calculate the "15 hours" per credit?
Our course proposal site is here. To see our criteria for an online course, visit here. If you are looking for guidance on hours, check out our timesheet guideline. AEAs are welcome to use these guidelines for their own site-based courses.

• Are AEA PD Online's courses EDEX or EDMA?
All courses offered for graduate credit are EDMA. Furthermore, all of our online courses must be offered to all graduate partners with some minor exceptions.

Common Questions about Fee-Structure Changes for AEA PD Online Training System (Email sent out, 6/4/11)