Time Estimate Form

Complete this form to document the time to be spent in various course activities. (Feel free to break down the hours in each group by specific media, such as saying 3 1-hour webinars or 13 threaded discussions)

Estimated Amount of time to complete
1. Participation in 2-way synchronous interactive discussions
Possible media include: ICN or Polycom
• Webinars
• VoIP videoconferencing (e.g. Skype, iChat)
• Web-based whiteboard (e.g. Elluminate, Adobe Connect Pro)
• Virtual environment (e.g. Second Life)
• Other options:
_ Hours
2. Participation in asynchronous discussions/collaboration online
Possible media include:
• Threaded discussions (in Moodle)
• Wiki or GoogleDocs collaboration
• Blogging/commenting
• Completing online assessments/surveys
• Viewing & commenting on other student projects
• Other online collaborative projects (e.g. creating a group
podcast, graphic organizer, repository of
information, timeline, lesson plan, etc.)
• Other options:
_ Hours
3. Participation in long-distance “instructor-led” direct instruction
Possible media include:
• Podcast/Profcast of lesson
• Instructor-created learning module (e.g. virtual tour, tutorial,
screencast, simulation, orientation in Moodle)
• Other options:
_ Hours
_ Hours
1, 2, and 3 must equal 15 hours per credit

Additional activities that would not be part of the 15 hours include:
• Reading external resources articles (other than “lecture-type” materials created by the actual instructor)
• Completing individual homework (i.e. work that is not collaborative)

Guidelines for hour determination
Note: while actual user participation times will vary depending on the speed and engagement level of the learner, for planning sake, these are some guideline averages for time involved for asynchronous collaboration.

• Threaded discussion: 15 min. per 100-word per post
30 min. for reading a post & 10 responses, and writing your own responses

• Wiki collaboration: 1 hour per 1000-word collaboration page, including links

• Blogging/commenting: 30 min. per 300-word blog, including links
10 minutes to read/respond to one blog

• Other online collaboration: The instructor should try completing the project as a student
to determine the time commitment that would be involved.